Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring time is awesome!

So Nayeon and I had a free Saturday afternoon, so we decided to go driving down the way a bit to a part of the river that has these really pretty yellow flowers....well they are really more like weeds....but they look pretty, because there are just fields of them!
I love this this girl...
Can you find her??? She is hiding somewhere....^^
lol good times...except that I lost her in the field and drove home jk Spring is so much different here in Korea than California...or maybe I just always missed the green trees and the beautiful flowers everywhere....i dont remember them standing out so much there in Cali....anyways....^^


One morning Nayeon made me some breakfast and brought it to the church for me. It was some awesome fried rice with a heart shaped fried egg on top. She so cute...this girl knows how to keep me happy....just keeping giving the food! ^^

Planting day at HoH

A little intro vid...
getting down with some planting...^^
some of the staff helping out too...

CHOW! Lunch was amazazing! It was black goat soup...kinda...but i was DElicious! Young-il gives us a bit of info on our the video!
After lunch, these great servants of the Lord help clean around the lunch tables, wiping down, picking up spilt food, vacuuming, mopping....etc. They love the family here and serving Jesus!
After lunch, you could see some of the progress we had made...
It was such a beautiful spring day in Korea! Look at those clouds....
Jesse giving us a pose!

It was a great day helping out at House of Hope!

Orphanage Happy Family Program

So....our church has been blessed with the opportunity to help out the orphanage that we have been going to for some time now just a little bit more. The have this year long commitment program called "Happy Family", where they meet one time in the month to go out with some of the kids for a special event. They pair you up with a kid or two for the year, and observe a "Happy Family". Normally it is married or dating couples, but some of the single people in our church have been participating too!

Well when Pastor Mike signed up, he asked if Nayeon and I would like to also. So this was the first event that we had in the month of April. We went to the ice skating rink in town. When we got the packet with out kid in it, we found out we had two! lol...youngest couple got two...^^ but they were great girls!

Here is Nayeon with Ayoung....cutie huh?! both of them^^
Here is EunSuh and I...they are cute too! hehe ^^
This has to be the cutiest picture of the day....bwahaha....Eunsuh gave me her Mickey hair clip
I had no juice in my camera, but this was after...anyways...long story short...Our two girls did great on their first time iceskating....and lets just say that Nayeon didnt do as good as them...enough said...^^
Outside of the ice rink there was a sweet little park that we had some lunch and walked around for a bit....we found these sweet statues and took some pics...
this dude is totally making a huge battle we tried it out with him....^^
Our family...
It is going to be fun loving on these kids a little more than normal, and giving them an example to follow (hopefully ^^)...I hope the Lord gives us good opportunities to show them our relationship with Jesus!

House of Hope

Jesse and Young-il chowing down after some work outside!
Logan eating with some staff and family members...(I think this is the first picture of Logan...he's from Virginia, but long story short....He was an english teacher in Japan that is looking for another job, but living here until he finds one...pray for our brother!)
Everyone is loving lunchtime!
I think that this is the directors wife...our friend on the right is really excited because she just spotted the strawberries! ^^
As we were leaving, we stopped to take some pictures of the area surrounding the House of Hope countryside....really beautiful and simple, rural area!
Love going to House of Hope on Fridays....the whole day Friday we get to serve people for Jesus! It HoH, then drive to Daejeon, and go to Jinsoo's to teach our Friday Bible Study, and then some Wii Fellowship after....what a life I live!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picnic with Nayeon

Nayeon and I got to go out to a park area and have a picnic that she made for us. She made egg salad sandwiches (with tips from my Mom ^^), some chicken soup, and some carrot juice. Ahh cha cha! Always have a great time eating! She knows me too well^^

Teaching on Sunday Morning...

Well Pastor Mike had to go cover for another pastor's teaching in CC Cheonan, so that left our church without a teacher. I was blessed to teach our Sunday morning translated service in Korean....ahhh jk....I taught in English. That would be great one day to speak fluent Korean! Praise God for the opportunity to share my heart with our church family!