Friday, November 2, 2007


Hey midterms stink....they bring a lot of unwanted stress! I still have just one more to go....I gotten A's on all 4 i've taken so far....Just got Revelation to take. A lot of other things are due, including responsibilities with youth groups, worship teams, and ministry! Just pray God would continue to bless each and every step and day! I need to rely upon His strength, because even though I am workin out, my muscles cant handle what the Lord's give me....but God is faithful working through out weaknesses....

One last thing....please pray for everyone around here in the Bible college. A cold or something is floatin around, making it worse to do our little routine...also it causes some tension and impatience....blessings to you guys!

Miss you guys....leave a little comment of things you need prayer for! grace...Daniel