Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Taipei....

Well I'm here in Taipei, trying to figure out what to do for 8 HOURS! shouldnt be that bad....spent 3 hours catching up on my blog....hence so many updates....gotta find somewhere to at Puma and some video games at the entertainment stores.....sauna and shower for 20 bucks....not such a bad time in the airport. Just making my travel time so the end of my will have been about 28 hours from the time my flight left LAX.


Missionary Newsletter....

Here is my first monthly newsletter that I am doing....hope you enjoy!

Last time with Baby Benjamin!

So this was my last day to spend with my baby Benjamin....isnt he so adorable!
^^ I caught him mid yawn!
Got a good video with Ben....isnt it weird how we always change our voice when we talk to babies!?!
Got to feed him....but he always falls asleep! You have to wake him up and try to keep him awake so he can eat at a decent time....cute....
Lance got to hold Benjamin too.....look at his chubby tummy! Ben really liked Lance too!

So....this is it....I'm sad I'm leaving Benjamin....but I have to do what God is calling me to. It is difficult to leave family, but for the purpose of God's kingdom, I have no fear, I'm not too sad, but I find peace that I am doing exactly what my God wants! Encouraging word: Do what the Lord matter what it takes!

Bye California......see you later! Here I come Daejeon!

Korean Visa!

Well of the reasons for my visit back to California was to complete my missionary Visa to stay in Korea long term. I finally got the approval from Korea, so I headed to downtown LA....
The Korean was really easy....I filled out a little information, paid 45 bucks, and they said come back tomorrow....
The next day I had a missions Visa! 1 YEAR! Praise the Lord! So I am back off to Korea, ready to serve and be a blessing to the Korean people. Pray for me as I go back out, that God will use me for His glory!

Huntington Beach Concert...

On Saturday there was a sweet Christian outreach concert at Huntington Beach pier with CCLW's youth we hopped in the car and headed to the beach....I got to ride with Lance and Sammy (Sosi's little brother)....I'm happy for Lance because he got to experience a famous California beach!
So here is the concert on the right of pier, on the boardwalk....You can see four guys together on the right watching the concert....that is the band Shachah....they are a really cool Christian band that I grew up listening to....they performed later that day also!
Pastor Brian Broderson teaching the Word boldly! You can tell that the weather was really overcast, but that didnt stop the SON coming out and meeting people as they relaxed at the beach!
There were some street performers just breakdancing and stuff...
I went back and forth from the concert to the beach where everyone settled down....Lance and I didnt feel like getting in the water, so we didnt bring our swim suits....but we watched Sammy do some boogieboarding and stuff.....we caught some zzzzz's on the beach too!
Me, Gabriel, and Avi.....just kicking it with the dudes....
Zach, Ronnie, Jon, and Lance.....headed for the Dominick Balli concert....we were ready to get our Reggae on!
Dominick Balli tore it up! He is such a blessed musician, with a reggae style that is full out for Jesus! It was a blessing to listen to his music. We got close and rocked out!
In between each of the different bands, there was a bible many people stuck around to hear the Word after each concert....but the cool thing was that afterwards, they said...."We didnt plan it....but if anyone wants to get baptized....lets GO!" so can see the big group of people there on the beach getting ready for the baptisms....
On the farthest part of the was really cold at this point....and I didnt bring my jacket! T_T

This is Shachah rockin the mic!
Dominick Balli's "Warrior" and guitar solo...^^
It was cool....Dominick Balli did some normal worship at the end of the set....reggae style! Look at Sammy grooving! ^^
One of my favorite songs...."All we need is love"
It was cool....Dominick is playing Bob Marley's "One Love"....
It was just a great time being refreshed with some great Christian music, fellowship, and teaching of the Word....

I had a really great opportunity twice though....during the bible teachings....there were people that I saw raise their hand to accept Jesus, but nobody went up after to talk with them....I went up to two people and encouraged them in what God had already spoken to their heart. I didnt have to say much, because God had already convicted their heart to get right with Him, I just came along as their brother, pointing them to Jesus! Both the people cried when I spoke to them....thats a good thing....a joyful cry....

I think a lot of times we listen to bible messages and know that God is speaking directly to us....but then we leave and lose the personal feeling....Satan lies to us and tell us that the message was for other people....we as Christians have a responsibility to go after those people and remind them God is a personal God....reaching into their lives everyday, teaching them exactly what they need to hear to live a godly life.

Be encouraged believers, step out and be a blessing to others!

Korean BBQ!

We wanted to go to this new Korean BBQ place close to my parent's house, they really like it....and we wanted Lance to get some food from home...
mmm....some bulgogi and chicken......and my favorite....duinjanjigae or soy bean soup....fermented of course!
Lance and my parents!
The name of the restaurant is called BULL MEAT BBQ....roughly translated...i think that Lance is afraid of that Bull picture....^^
After dinner we went up to the hills close by and showed Lance a lake close by....Lake Matthews....but it was really high and my mom was getting scared! it was funny!

Picked up Lance!

Pastor Mike and Lance came into today at and my dad picked them up....took Mike to his parents house in Costa Mesa, then went for some Norms! Norms has a lot of different types of Denny's...I think Lance was pretty excited!
Lance will be staying with my family until Mike takes him to his homestay family in Murrieta. If you dont know Lance....He is from our church in Korea. He is 15 years old, going to Calvary Chapel in Murrieta. He is going to study there for 2 I got to introduce him to California and take him around a bit. Enjoy your time Lance! Grow closer to Jesus!

Breaking ground at Gabe's....literally!

Here is a video of what we are doing at Gabe's house to help out, cleaning it all up....
Gabe.....Mr. Muscles, tearing up the ground with the back of an axe as a sledge hammer....^^
watch out rocks! Gabe is gonna get you!

Aaron came over to help out too....looks like he is spear fishing though! Stop messing around and get back to work Aaron! lol jk ^^

Well we had a good workout at Gabe's cleaning up that concrete, so we deserved a big meal! My parents wanted to have the Ruiz family over for dinner, and we also invited Aaron to eat also. It was interesting because all of have served in the big Asia countries....Japan (Pastor Tommy), China (Aaron) and I (Korea)....good fellowship!

Asa being a crazy like normal! "What am I, chopped liver!?!?!"

Tommy really enjoyed the homemade Macaroni and cheese my mom made....Tommy blessed us with some Japanese was good thanks bro!

Memorial Day

Monday was Memorial day, so we all had the day off to spend time with family. Benjamin got to leave the home for the first time and visit Nana's home (my mom wants him to call her "Nana"). I got to hold a lot longer this time!
I love how his mouth is all open! So funny....^^
Everyone enjoying dessert....Aunt Susan, Bob, Grandpa, Jamie, Gabe, and Grandma with Benjamin.....
My mom sporting the American shirt, putting Angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream, all on american plates....RED WHITE BLUE DAY!
Pops relaxing on the couch!
Another happy Great-grandma! Grandma made me special seafood pasta, mmm....thanks Grandma!
After everyone left, my family and Jamie's fam stayed and watched a movie...great day just being with family, catching up, enjoying our freedom as Americans....praise God for all the heroes that keep America safe!

Sunday morning and Sunday night....

Well I went to CCLW on Sunday morning, and Pastor Jerry taught a special message about his testimony....during the service he had pictures and things about growing up....when he got to 1991 there was a funny picture....can you tell who is there in the photos?!?! lol Pastor Tommy and Joanna when they started Calvary Chapel Living funny how much they have changed!
Well on Sunday night we went to Larry Hume's bible study at his home, studying 1 Samuel chapters 12 and 13.
A lot of good brothers and sisters studying together....such a blessing!
Got a funny picture of my silly mommy! Love you momma! ^^

Hanging with Grandma Sedota....

Well this is Great grandma Sedota to baby Benjamin. It was her first time getting to see the baby. My family and Grandma were going to go out to dinner, but we stopped by to see Benjamin.
The happy little Castaneda family! Jamie, Gabe, and Benjamin! Love you guys
My soooo funny....she always calls everyone "ugly" (as a joke of course)....she bought this outfit for Benjamin. It is totally her! If you cant read says "I only cry when ugly people hold me!" LOL
This was the first time since Ben was born that my dad could hold him. He has been sick for 2 weeks with the flu....he was happy to be healthy enough to be with him!
Well we went out to Vince's the food....but the family was great! Me, Grandma, Dad, Uncle Wilson, Aunt Peggy, and my mom....
mmmm......mostacolli with meat sauce and homemade meatball....and alllot of cheese! ^^

1st Time to see my nephew Benjamin!

IT WAS AMAZING TO HOLD MY NEPHEW! I was so happy to see him. He is so relaxed, just eats and sleeps, doesnt really fuss alot....he is really sweet! You can just eat him!
Nana and baby mom got to have the week off to spend time taking care of my sister and the baby....she is so psyched to be with her grandson!
Just chilled out!
Just laying down lookin at my bubba!
After we visited Jamie and the baby, we got to go out to SUSHI! mmmm.....havent had it in a while, and I really only get it when I come back to Cali. There was a place for all-you-can eat right next to our home, and it was great quality! mmmm....^^
Dad, Mom, and I spending good time together!
Love my family!