Friday, November 14, 2008

Prayer Request!

Please help pray for me...I am coming to the end of my Bible College experience, and I'm praying about going to Italy. I have been wanting to go to Italy for a couple years now, and have never been able to go. I don't know why God has put that place on my heart, despite the fact I'm part Italian, but I think maybe God has a work there for me to do. Help me pray that He would guide me as I transition out of Okinawa.

Now this might mean that I will go from Okinawa to California for a time, but then again it doesn't mean that either. Other doors are seeming to open that I can go to another country for a time to serve and also save money, with the hopes of still going to Italy in the summer of this next year.

Well, I am open. I want what the Lord pray God would reveal His will. Thanks....I covet your prayers.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Toudou Ramen

This is simply my favorite restaurant in Okinawa....we went this past Sunday for lunch....they are a great restaurant because they are like a "Mom and Pop" place, very chill atmosphere, but lots of people come for the great food. They make all their noodles fresh every day, and only make enough for that day, if they run out, they close up shop!

Here are the Deans (Josh, Regina, Claire), Jessica, and Neely

Becca, Jesse, and Eder....chowin down on some grub of my new besto friendo's

Buff Jessica

Well, we have been working out at the gym lately....but Jessica has been training pretty hard! This car was sticking out too much, so we had her move it......with her pinky! lol....Eder is simply amazed...

Thursday Night Meals...

Here in Okinawa, Sosimo and I get to cook meals on Thursday for the Ruiz family and all the Bible college students...this past week we made a really great meal, one of my favorites....check out the pictures.....

Sosimo gettin creative with makin the cabbage for salad....he always does a great job!

This week I made pasta with only Olive Oil as the sauce...mmm....we usually have tomato sauce....but this meal only had olive oil to coat the noodles, with basil, garlic, and garlic roasted tomatoes. Just like Momma Coza's back home in Anaheim...

You can't have a Momma Coza's meal without a side of anchovies...mmm...just a little though because it is really salty.
We this is the finished product...Keli'i helped us out again, and we used Romaine lettuce to make "PF Chang" style lettuce wraps, with a spicy/sweet Thai sauce and chicken on the inside...pretty shnazy huh?Great meal! Thanks Joanna for the special stuff to make this dinner!

Ohayou Okinawa....Good Morning Okinawa....

Well this is the famous quote of Tamiko, who is now in Germany....when we were back at our old church, we would look out over the city towards Tropical Beach area, open up the windows, and most mornings Tamiko would say "Ohayou Okinawa"....sounds just like Ohio, the state....

Well I have tried to continue that tradition, and how beautiful Okinawa is in the morning! Awesome huh? No body probably can hear me, but the Lord can! Psalm 5:3 Please help me pray for these Okinawan people that have no knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween @ CC Okinawa

Well this year I dressed up for Halloween as you can see! And I only spent a grand total of 100¥ or $1 to make it...i had my own hair clippers so I rocked that myself, and then I went and bought some black tape at the 100¥ store (better but just like .99 store). Thats it....

Well we went to Calvary Okinawa, and got to rock out at their new building. These two guys in the picture are (Left to right) Thor, Charlie Brown, and Jon...they go to my youth group on base, they got to meet me there which was sweet.

The night was great! Hakugaijin.....the band I sing in, got to jam about 6 songs and then there were worship teams mixups the rest of the night while they had an indoor carnival. It started at 6pm, but they sold out of food by 8 and ran out of candy by God did a great work...and their were alot of Japanese neighbors that came around and checked it out!