Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Acupuncture time

Got some acupuncture done the other day because I messed up my back carrying something to heavy... Nayeons family suggested going their because it would help...well I was freaked out because I have never done it before! Needles in my back...no way!!! Well I decided to not put alot of pictures up but here are a few...

In this pic, I already had the acupuncture done...and now they are doing some kind of electric therapy...felt like a back massager with electric shocks...lol

Well it all felt good...and it relaxed my back for a while, but it didn't really cure it...but I'm feeling better now with just resting it and takin it easy:) this wad nice too because it was only 6 bucks! Score!

Ratatouille cafe

The other day Nayeon found a nice cafe called Ratatouille...really nice place. We got some nice drinks because we never really have time to just enjoy a shake or coffee at a cafe...

Silly girl... ^^

We got to watch "Prince of Egypt" on my computer...we studied Genesis in church not too long ago, and Nayeon had never seen the movie...great time learning more about the Bible through a really great movie :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Okinawa show!

I was really surprised the other day to watch a TV show about Okinawa! They were traveling there and showing some parts of the culture...brought back good memories ^^

This first picture is of Shuri Castle in Naha...it was so trippy because I remember going to the matsuri and looking across the water to this photo here^*

Here is the entrance to the main part of the temple, but I had never gone in. If you can read Korean 슈리 is Shuri there on the bottom

Now when I saw this, I laughed so hard because I remember that I did something stupid here, I had to look back at my old blogs but I finally found my picture from a couple years ago when o saw this bell...

Here it is! Bwahaha...now please don't misunderstand, I didn't do this out of disrespect, just for fun...I remember Aaron Meigide there helped me^^ because I didn't want to touch the bell, just do something silly with it ;) yes I can still hold my own weight :/

This was funny seeing the old lady singing and the old Okinawa style snake "guitar" lol

Sugar cane! This was a great reminder of Okinawa, just watch out for the habu snakes!

YouTube Video

There was a lot of other things that they showed, like Okinawan dancing and even some scuba stuff...love you guys out there in Okinawa! Continue to labor for the Gospel there!