Wednesday, July 30, 2008


WorshipFEST in English.....賛美Fest was a great event where we had SBP (Soap Box Poetz), HakuGaijin, and just local worship leaders....pretty much us students....Andrew Neely and myself with a out for Jesus at Araha Beach for an outreach and a time of encouragement for believers. I was able to lead with my worship team from was awesome, I was so blessed to have the girls come and sing with me! They are so talented.

The missionary girls.....from Soap Box Poets and the two younger girls....lead in worship....beautiful.....not the greatest picture actually....but you get that there was a sick sunset.... ahhhh.......

For more on the event.....and video of my team leading.....go to Pastor Tommy's blog!

Rhythm Unity 7: The Perfect Move

Well this year Rhythm Unity was off the chain guys....for all those who missed the should be ashamed of yourse......just kidding....but it was pretty sweet....Tim really did a great job....God has really blessed him.....Got some really good footage of the event......I was head of security for the event, so I got to kinda float and check if things were cool.....but everyone's job was pretty chill, these Oki dudes don't cause to much ruckus as California

This first video is of the 5 v. 5 breakers....and I dont think either of these teams made it to the end.....but they were pretty funny....great style and entertainment in their dance.....chek it out...

This video is with this sick older dude.....forgot his name, but him and Tim did the judging for the popping contest.....and you know how I said he is sick.....literally he was sick with food poisoning...and still danced a little and then judged.....praise the Lord, Tim had no one else to judge....haha lol

The last video we have the popping contest in the 2nd round.....the team on the far left ended up is very obvious why....but the other teams were sick....but not literally like the judge....just really check it!

Take a drive with me....

Take a drive with me......

We were headin up north to go to the Nago Pineapple Park, and I just had to take a video....I love driving along the coast in is really nothing like PCH (Pacific Coast Highway- goes from California to Washington), a million times better even....

The water is so clear in real life....maybe not so much in the video...anyways.....We made it ok to the Pineapple Park.....even though we had crazy Okinawa could be driving in clear beautiful weather, and then it will just pour down with huge drops of rain.....thats what happened this day....but as you can see from our Pineapple park pic, it was hot and bright in Nago! I live in paradise here in beautiful Okinawa....

Ice Cream at San A

While we had the missions team here, we had to show them the San A ropes.....mmm.....late night ice cream is the best.....the team loved it as much as we did....

The girls were excited but I think the guys were more so.....just another opportunity to get down some good grub...quick observation......Isn't Betsy (girl with black shirt and glasses) the spittin image of Lina Horne....i think so! Miss you Jon and Lina....

Cypher Session....

Love this shirt! ......Well 2 Saturdays ago.....we had Saturday Night Hip Hop Live.....where Soap Box Poetz and our band HakuGaijin played for some peepz at the Koinonia pics of that specifically.....but I did get the cypher session afterwards.....just a freestyle, off the top of the head rapping with one of our HakuGaijin songs "Light"....those Poetz are pretty good....enjoy the video......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

English Class with Hannah

Christina was gone this week and couldn't help Hannah with their normal English class with some kids right down the street, so I filled in. I got the perfect day too.....water war day! We filled up some water balloons and stuff and had some fun.....I really only have videos......they would have to read like a sentence in English and then they could throw to get points.....well they got sick of points and started throwing them at me, and that blew up into a full out water was hot that day too!

Well after that we went inside their house....and chewed some gum....they had never really tried to blow bubbles before.....I couldnt really do is Hannah though!

Here is Kishi.....he was pretty good!

Here is Nao....(said now.....she said that she couldnt do it....)

thanks for letting me hang out Hannah!

Urasoe Matsuri

Well it is summer in Okinawa.....and with summer comes 祭りor matsuri, big festivals that they put on in each city, or just big cities.....but they are sweet....there is so much culture and so many is a great time for everyone. I was just sitting down eating some food from this food stand
(some "takoyaki" which is octopus in balls of dough, and also "yakisoba" which is just fried noodles.....mmmmm) in a big open field....with thousands of Okinawan people, and thinking how blessed I am to be here. I was completely surrounded by tens of thousands of people that are unreached by the Gospel of Jesus.....they need Him so much!

I was really upset at myself that I didnt take more pictures....sorry.....hopefully I might go to another matsuri, and I get some more pictures.

New D-House!

Well I have been living in the newly finished Guys Discipleship House now for like 2 has been pretty cool. This is the view we have from one of the windows...I will get more of the inside and what not later.....I saw the missions team and the Yates coming across the street to come see our new digs.....pretty cool picture I think.....peace!

The Snyder's Head out of Okinawa!

Well the Snyder family is PCSing.....So after church on Sunday morning we went to the Rocker for all you can eat breakfast! Wonderful! The Snyders are the one right in front, Alan and their new baby Carson on the right, and Britney on the left side. They have been such a blessing to the church and to our Bible College students, helping us out with meals, and even just giving us some spending guys will be missed! I will especially miss their daughter Faith, she was my little girlfriend at Foster Chapel.....she would always talk about me at home, saying that I was her boyfriend, pretty hilarious.....she wouls be so shy though in front of me....I would have to hear about it all the time from the family. lol Blessings to you guys.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fire Typhoon Prayer/ SOAP BOX POETz

The missionary team from San Bernadino came down....7 in all, and they the hip hop crew that came out for the Rhythm Unity, SanbiFest, and Koza Music Town outreaches.....すごい(sugoi)!Sweet! Well we took them down to Fire Typhoon "FT" Prayer, which got moved from the preschool which you might remember the picture from the last time, it got moved to Sunset Beach right next to Mihama, where we always do outreaches. We brought them down, read Romans 3 and discussed it together, and then prayed. Afterwards we just walked on the beach, and they got their first look at Okinawa style beaches.....they loved it!

This is the SBP Crew (Soap Box Poetz), but two are not in the picture, they are not in the band but they are a blessing cuz they are leaders in worship! Ill get them in a picture soon!

Moving Dan Pallman/ Can you find Tom Cotton?

Dan Pallman, who has a church plant starting in Ishikawa, started to move to a different part of Ishikawa, closer to the stores and schools....he needed some help, and we came to the rescue.....theme
Can you find Tom Cotton? Yessss, he is in the middle of all those boxes! Well we were messing around a little bit with Tom Cotton, well a lot, it was fun though....we had to cram him in so that we could make one trip with all the the video.....hilarious.....Tom Cotton is very ticklish! lol

B³ Youth Fellowship

Well.....we have pretty much lost all our kids in the youth to PCS season.....people being shipped out to different stations, on the East coast of America mostly, some to German and such. It is crazy because I'm not used to it, but it is also a blessing to see the need for more kids, and keeps us on our knees and flexible to what God wants in the B³ Youth group......

But....we have been blessed to have the Longoria girls from CC Okinawa City (the three in the middle, right behind me). Their names....Maria (18), Maricela (18....they are twins!), and Cassandra (14? maybe 13....i forgot sorry!).....well this day we went inside and started the Left Behind Series.....sweet a chance to put some conviction in their no but really pray that God would work in their life, and if they are ready for the Rapture of Jesus Christ, pray that they would give out the message to others that don't know! Amen?


SOFTBANK......a lot of japanese.....learn with me! hehe

Well it is official.....i got a sweet japanese ケイタイ(Keitai) or cellphone.....exciting.....I was blessed by Denise with a prepaid phone, but I had to pay every time I wanted to call it is good to call other softbank users for free.....and texting is free all the time.....and it is only 15 bucks a cheap! Praise the Lord!


OKIGIN.....this is the name of my new Japanese bank account! YAY! Well before I could get this......I had to apply for my alien registration show that I live temporarily at a home in I got this.....and then I am able to get things like a phone, car, home.....whatever really.......just a blessing from the Lord!

4th of July

Well we went to Kadena Air Force base, the biggest Air Force Base in the Pacific, and had dinner with Futenma Chapel's Pastor, Chaplain Woods....they had some ribs that were to die pictures....sorry.....but the fireworks were amazing....they put on a really good show for dem Air you go!

Early Bday

Well, my family sent me presents for my birthday when the Ruiz's came back at the end of June, but despite their wishes for me to open them in August, I couldn't wait! No just kidding, they told me to open was a blessing to have a June Birthday! I was blessed to get 3 new shirts, a sweet noise canceling headphones, 2 pairs of shades....oh and my favorite....RED BEANS AND RICE.....MMMMMM......yummy, one of the things I really miss from home cooked meals!

Oh this is Hannah being crazy with the bubble rap! tardo....haha THANK YOU MOM, DAD, JAMIE! LOVE YOU LOTS!


Well....i have no excuse for missing so many weeks....i have kept ya'll out of the loop....but here it a freight train, I'm attempting to give you the low down on what has been happening this whole month of July....whewwww.......ready! ごめんね!Sorry again!