Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Sunday Back at CC Daejeon!

Well, finally back in the swing of things...Pastor Mike and Hye-Young on Sunday morning, teaching the Word in English and Korean...praise God! Topical study in the book of Revelation...soon going back to the beginning in Genesis!
I got to lead worship on Sunday, that was fun!
I'm so happy for being a part of the church here again...Praise God for His plans for us. He definitely gives us peace when we are in His perfect will. Pray for the church here...that it will continue to grow and multiply for God's glory! AMEN?

My mornings in Korea...

Showing you the view I have outside my windows...and snow too!
Expo park area! Really close...for those who dont know...Expo park is a small amusement park for families...but not a lot of people go anymore...kinda like Castle Park in Riverside...^^ lol
I like this one....we were just eating our normal Korean breakfast...lesson TIME! Learning the things I am eating is a great way to study the Korean language! ^^

Orphanage Outreach...

On Saturdays, we normally go to the children's orphanage close by in town, to love on the kids, play with them, and teach some of the older ones some English. So while and group of our church people were playing with the kids outside, we went upstairs to have about 2 hours of studying english...

some things have changed up a bit...


I was shocked at the things I saw when I went back to my old part of town I lived in last explains it all...

We were in the area for a Bible study and English study in a Presbyterian Church....Jesse also shared a worship song with them...great group of people...pray for them, some are not believers, but some are great men and women of faith....

New Apartment...

Quick introduction to my new home and also my friend Isaiah!

While I was unpacking my things, my new friend came and gave me some snacks and things...great new friends!

Well, the celebrations didnt stop there...when my friend Evan (the tall one! ^^) got home, they showed me around a little bit, and then took me to Paris Baguette for some "1st Night In new apartment" night...i think we are gonna find lots of excuses to eat sweets though...^^

Evan treated...thanks buddy...

Us hanging out...eating our bread....talking about Jesus...both of my roommates are hardcore Christians! love it! Evan has been a Christian for about 4 years working in an immigration office near-by...he has really great English too...Isaiah (on the right), has a little harder time with English, but an awesome brother anyway! He is studying at a Baptist Seminary near here for his M Div...he wants to be a missionary and humanitarian in India! Praise God huh?!
got some cream puffs...they were destroyed by Evan...^^

I pray that I have many more times with my friends like this!

Melt Class...

MELT class is a free english class that we provide for anyone that would like to come and learn. We teach them english idioms and also a dialogue that they can act out...and we have one on tape! bwahaha
Sorry Christina...had to put it up for people to know whats going on during Melt time! lol


More snow just kept awesome and this look in Korea!
Frame this one jk...
Jesse and I got to go over to Minsoo and Minji's house to teach some english to the kids....good times....we had our teaching time....and then i thought....there's snow!
So we went outside and tore up a great SNOW FIGHT!
I am about to get tagged right now! (Notice poor little Elizabeth's nose...she got hit with some snow a little too hard...dont worry not me, one of the kids...^^ but she is a fighter!)
SNOW FIGHT! Minsoo deserved that hit anyway...dont judge me! lol Sosi can testify!

Heading Back to Korea...^^

So this is us in Taipei...had some noodles that werent the best....actually really not good...and i eat anything...^^
Nayeon had some Japanese udon...once again...not the best ever....
Now this was good food! On our flight to food gone....hers about to be eaten by me! lol
and flash forward! Jesse! My buddy Jesse...I stayed at his house for 2 nights while we figured out where I will stay...there isnt enough room in his apartment...but we were surprised to find SNOW!
Small frosting over night...

Decided to have some lunch together...but no more of our favorite restaurant DOMO...they closed it.....UGH! But just a block down is the same style restaurant...I got some dumpling and Christina having a good time!
The MIKES....tearing up the food...mmm....Mike from Canada and Pastor Mike got some great food....cheese ramen and pork cutlet....
more snow....and free COFFEE after!
I love Korean food! mmm I happy to be back in Korea...missed it a lot!

Catch-Up Pics from my time in California...

There is noooo way I could put all my pics...but I am giving you a lot of juice that I got to do and be apart of while I was home in California...hope you are blessed...^^

There was a Men's Breakfast that my Dad leads at Calvary Chapel Living Water, and he had asked Sosimo to teach us in the was a great time studying and fellowshiping with the men...

My friend Mike Ochoa (Holding the award next to me) asked me if I wanted to play some indoor soccer with him...he got me a shirt and just went out and played...they were finishing a tournament that we got 2nd place in! Fun times...
Our friends, the Konno Family from Okinawa, made a small trip down to California to visit. It was great to see Halleluyah, me and Sosi used to teach him when we were staying in Oki for some 2 years...great brother in the Lord!
My cousins baby boy, Isaiah had a 3rd Birthday, with a Superman Good times seeing family...Nayeon wanted to take a picture with the birthday boy...
There was a great occasion on a Wednesday night service in CCLW...Pat and Vicky Sandoval renewed their wedding vows....praise the Lord! Really fun...Continue to be steadfast in your love for Christ as ONE!
Had a really great dinner at Grandma and Gpa Mitchell's house my last week...Cornedbeef and Cabbage! MMMMM! It is a Irish dinner...we arent irish but I love it! Me and my gramps!
We also celebrated Nayeon's birthday a little early...she was a little emotional...^^ Gma giving her a big hug!
Got to hangout with Grandma Sedota also! We went out to Olive Garden one night....spend some good time. We love you!
Got to jam some bass on my last Sunday at CCLW...juicy!
saying our goodbyes to great women of the Lord in our church....Karolina, Nayeon, and Zelda! Thanks mama's!
The younger girls that loved on Nayeon in Cali...Brittany Barger, Nayeon, Lina, Isabella, Jamie (my sister!), and Melinda! God bless you girls!
Me and my OLDER (but quite smaller...except the tummy for now ^^) sister you sis...praying for you and your new family always!
Nayeon's California Momma's...Micah (사모님), Nayeon, and my Mom Patti
Nayeon and I went to California Disney...thumbs up for the BIG N...^^
Celebrating Nayeon's bday at BJ's Pizza place....Karolina and Sammy....Love you guys!
Nayeon's friend Sherri Souza...she got to help her a couple times at her house and love on her...we love you Sherri...praying for you!
Nayeon's Birthday (for real!) Mom made some brownie cupcakes...(she loves brownies! ^^) Happy Birthday Nayeon!
Last Day in California...we had another Men's Breakfast at Hometown Buffet...we had was such a blessing to hear the men not being ashamed to sing loud...the whole restaurant was filled with the sounds of praise to the KING OF KINGS JESUS! HALLELUJAH JESUS!

I had a great time being home...but I am also praising the Lord for the great work He has planned for me in Korea...thanks Lord for the time I could be home, be refreshed...Ready for KOREA! 대한민국! lol


Wow...been a while...sorry about that...just got Facebook and got carried away with how much easier it is to load stuff there...but really quickly....I am back in Korea now...the Lord opened the doors to stay here long term, and I took a step of faith to follow Him here. Pray the Lord will be with me as I desire to serve Him by loving the Korean people!