Wednesday, April 28, 2010

House of Hope

Well this is a new opportunity that we have been able to help at lately. This is called House of Hope, and it is a handicap home, where we go to love on them, and serve them in anyway possible. The guy that started it (long story short), had an accident that made him paralyzed. This helped to show him his need for Jesus. He became a Christian, but desired to open a home for others that were born with physical problems that need extra love and attention. Praise God we can support them!

Normally when we go, we spend some time cleaning up the grounds, mostly picking up rocks. This little soccer field has a lot of little rocks all over, and they normally play on the field with socks, so we are cleaning it up. Also its good so that the grass can grow nice and green! I feel like we are playing out the "Parable of the Sower"

My sun hat to hide from the sunburn! Cute huh?!

Yes...they have an ostrich! I guess they eat the eggs every once in a while...

This is the prayer they say for their lunch time...they let us hang out and eat with them. I feel so blessed to serve God in this way, showing compassion and love to His children.

After lunch we go to this sanctuary/recreation room for some game times...we played Soccer volleyball this day....we play with some of the residents of House of is always fun!
Continue to pray for our blessed opportunity to serve Jesus here!

In full bloom....

Like the title says....cherry blossoms in full bloom now....ahhhhh cha amazing...
The weather is starting to get they started popping out and making Korea even more beautiful!

Bible college here!

I didnt get many photos because my camera battery had died...but this one was a great one!

The cherry blossoms decided to sprout out when Tommy came! This is right next to the church before we hopped into the car....its raining cherry blossoms! AHGHG!! Really cool...

Pastor Tommy, Cory, and two random Korean kids just walking

Hye-Young's Dad's Birthday fellowship...

Pastor Mike's father in-law had his birthday on a Sunday morning service, so we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and had some cake and also some lunch!
These faces look familiar right? Tommy made a trip down from Okinawa with some students for about 6 days....we were blessed to have them here. Fellowship is always sweet, you always get a good stomach work out....laughing and eating too much! ^^

Tommy, Nayeon, and Hye-Young enjoying some cake
People fellowshipping!

Cherry Blossoms in Sintanjin with Nayeon...

There are always festivals in different areas...Nayeon took me to her town's festival. She lives in Sintanjin, so we took a bus there, and walked around. It is like a carnival sort of, with the streets lined with vendors for food and other random things....but the main attraction is the cherry blossoms.
The bad thing is that when we went, the cherry blossoms were not completely out yet...because of the weather...but you can see some of the tree is blossomed...we are happy anyway! We got to eat some hot dogs, fried ginseng, cotton candy (Nayeon's favorite), this other thing called ho dduk (like a cinnamon/sugar filled pancake) was all very good. The other good thing is that it wasnt expensive ^^
Just waiting for my bus to go back home...she has a great smile! ^^
I was blessed to have time to spend at the festival with Nayeon...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring is HERE!

Well I took a trip down to a cool park by my old home near Gung Dong to this great park. Its called Yurim Park. They have a lot of great walking areas, exercise equipment, and cultural statues and stuff....just relaxing...but the best part is....
the flowers! This is a magnolia blossom, they are everywhere in the springtime. They come out the same time as the....
CHERRY BLOSSOMS! I love amazing. They have been taking some time to come out because of the has been cold and then hot, and then cant make up its mind! But they are beautiful huh!?
These yellow flowers are everywhere to schools, apartment buildings, wild on the mountains.....everywhere....they bring a really great spring smell!
I thought this was cool....just got really close to the bee....i took like 5 photos...on the last flew right past the lens....looks like it is about to attack me! lol
Good time walking around checking out God's amazing creation in Korea!

Piano lessons...

On Sundays, I have a little time in between morning and night services to spend time with Nayeon. She wanted to start teaching me some piano, so we went and bought a little book...and now I'm learning!
I'm writing the notes in Korean....pretty cool to learn piano and Korean a little bit at the same time! Thanks Nayeon! I have a good girlfriend~ ^^

Sunday Morning

Baby Hannah....cute little girl that is so fun to play with and make of the little sheep we have here in Calvary Chapel Daejeon...
Pastor Mike and Hye-Young teaching in English and Korean on Sunday morning...
kids church....teaching about Lazarus...not just wasting toilet paper...^^
the kids had fun learning about this miracle that Jesus did....^^
here we are wrapping up our Lazarus' kids....serving them some food....having a great time learning about Jesus!


Thursday Presbyterian Bible Study

On thursdays, we head down to Gung Dong area to teach a bible study in English...Mike grabbed some pictures on my camera...we are going through the book of Mark, pray that people would receive the Word and believe!

Bowling Day

Monday is normally our day off, and we decided to hang out for some bowling with Evan and some other friends...
YAY! I won the first game....but im always good on the first couple, and then I start stinkin....ughhh
Evan being disappointed by another gutter jk...
Mario, Evan, Jesse, and lil Hye-Young chillin, waiting for their turn...
good fellowship on our relax day!

Sunday Night and Evan's BDAY

Sunday night service, Mike teaching in the book of Genesis....chooooowww!
We got to celebrate Evan's (my roommate) birthday....he is just kidding...but isnt it a great cake?! mmmm it was delicious....just wish their was small of a cake for the amount of people ready to eat it! lol
Evan ate it all in this one bite....jk....
God bless you buddy! Continue to grow closer to the Lord!
We went out to get some food for his bday....and Evan taught us this really great trick with the hot cup of rice they give you....check it out...videos will come later of me trying to accomplish this feat!

Jesse wanted to give Evan a special birthday gift, so he wrote him a rap! We did it for him in the restaurant, and I got to help with some whack

Sunday Morning Kids Ministry...

On Sunday mornings we have children's service after the 11am service for adults....Jesse leads worship, Christina leads the time in the Word, and I normally help with games...

Lance is STRONG in the Lord!
Mike usually studies during our time....dont worry, he is not grudgingly studying, just doesnt like me taking "unauthorized" photos of him....^^
Christina teaching the "Good Shepherd" to the kids...
I made up a game for the kids....this is me TRYING to say it in korean and english....but im pray for me....^^


On Saturdays, we normally go to the orphanage near by to spend time with the on games with was raining this day so we stayed inside...
Lance letting one of the kids play games on his phone....hint to Lance...hide your phone before you go...^^
Nayeon and Mike listening to a little girl playing some hymns...we just spend time being close to them, enjoying the talents God has given them!
my talents are tickling little kids....bwahahah....these kids were CAHHRAZZZY! lol good times...
Pray that God would bless the times we go, and that the children would be blessed as we serve them, knowing that we love them, but the Lord loves them more!