Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pray for Mark!

This is Mark...Mike and I were witnessing around the church and we saw this we walked up, started talking to him, and he ended up excepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior....he
is a Catholic that goes to church every Sunday, like most Philippino people, but he didnt know for sure if he was going to heaven or not...and since he had never said or really prayed that he believed that Jesus died for his sins, he prayed it....i know i will never see this man again, and most likely you will neither, but know that this man will be in heaven, and I am sure because our Lord promised us in His Word that if we "confess our sins, He is just and faithful to forgive us..." and usher us into Eternity with the Father...Praise the Lord huh?
Please pray for the Philippines!! 70% of the island are believers in Catholicism, which is great because they know about Jesus, but I believe that most people are like this man, Mark, dead in their dead religion of Jesus in the Catholic faith. Not that people that are Catholics are going to go to hell, but so often (even with our Christian church all over the US) we as people lose our faith in Jesus, and end up serving a church or a person. Please, if you do not know Jesus in a relationship, give your life to Him! He will bless you beyond reason!

Before and After

Here is my before and after beautifulness!! Yessss i love it! But the story of my actual just haircut is crazy, to make a long story short....i thought i was getting my hair cut by a woman...but really it was a man dressed as a woman, straight up a transvestite...i was pretty grossed out, obviously since I am not very ready to approve of that sort of thing...but it really made me think about just sin in general, it is very deceieving, and I really prayed for that person's sin, and not just a "gross transvestite" that cut my hair... all in all, it was a crazy experience, but it only cost me 40 Pesos, which is like .80 cents, so i was happy...i just left pretty quick....

look at what RJ did to my head!!! he is awesome!! we just were messin around, last night before we went home...what ya gonna do to someone your not gonna see for a long time....make great moments!!! Here ya go!

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This is how they came out...if you couldnt see it in the video very well.... ILOILO on both sides of the head...and an awesome Calvary dove....

This is a pic of Grace and her son Edrick...i drove them down to the airport the day we left...nah just kidding...we just saw this bike and took a picture. It is a memorable picture....and that is because Grace takes pictures....she doesnt like to be in thank you Grace for the nice picture of you and your son with me!! Love ya guys...

Balut and Pizza!!

Well...i am a philippino now...i have done it all...ive been to manila, eaten with my hands, gone to the SM mall, and now have eaten BALUT!!!! Balut is a duck embryo that is stopped before it is hatched, and hard boiled. What you do is crack the eggshell, suck down the embryonic fluid (haha that is gross sounding...but it just tastes like chicken broth with no salt), and peel away the rest of the shell, pour some salt on it (very important...or you would taste EVERYTHING!!!), and chow the whole you can see, Matt took a bite off it, didn't chew it whole....check out its my turn...

Somebody took my camera and got this picture...really it looks funny, but i did enjoy it. The taste was fine, but the grossest thing was the textures of the duck in your mouth... yeh think about that one....the egg shell on the inside is pretty amazing...alright enough grossing you out...

Oh yeh and my pizza (first picture) was really good! That's it, it really wasnt about the pizza at all...i lied, sorry.... till next time!!!!!

Sunday Worship

This was a definite blessing from the Lord...Tom asked me if I could lead worship on the Sunday morning service, I felt really privileged to do it for the Lord. It was especially cool because I had never got to play with really any of these guys (other than Zach, on the box in the back), so here are the names:

Mark Starr (Bass masta), Zach (djembe freak), Matt Gaston (Matt the Mean guitar licks brotha), and Casi (Gospel diva extraordinare)....

nah all joking aside....these guys were a blessing, and really we had no time to practice, but the music and vocals were so fresh, i was worried, but God was so faithful and blessed me with some sweeto time in worship with my friends. Praise the Lord!

Eatin at Barrio Inasal

Ahh man....this is the famous Barrio you see that you eat on a fresh plate of banana leaf, but those utensils I did not use. As you can see in the far right picture, my hands have food on them...yes, culturally Pinoys either eat with utensils or just with there hands! It was great...and look at that chicken, and garlic rice, and pork....mmmm...its making me drool again. But that wasnt it....go down to find what else we had...

Ahh...this is the BEST mango i have ever eaten in my life....this is the seed of the mango, and you can suck on it for like 30 minutes and still get the juice out (reminds me of momma's porkchops...ahh i miss your food!)...but after that huge meal...i had to work it off by monkeying times.

Sweet Fellowship in the PI

In this pic all of us Bible College students had to introduce ourselves and had to say one thing that we liked or liked to do. I said that I liked to worship, but that I like Fruity Pebbles and Colgate. They laughed at me, like usual. lol

This was the norm here in the main sactuary on the 3rd floor of there church building...spending time taking pictures, worshipping and jamming new great oldie songs, any spending time with Jesus...awesome.

These are the 4 tomodachis...Ivan, Marku Starru, burnt Danieru-san (me), and Isaac Tovar look-alike Niel...this is a pic of us chillin is the back of a tiny jeep of RJ's. Rj is the cool worship leader dude...blessings to you bro...oh yeh i cant forget little Edrick in the front seat too...he was a cool kiddo.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Getting into Iloilo!!

Here is Iloilo!! It is on the medium sized province of Panay. It almost in the middle of the stretch of the 7,107 islands that are in the Philippines! Amazing huh?

Here is the Iloilo Airport...i wasnt trying to get the sign in there, but i got lucky it looks good!

Here is the Philippines famous Jeepney! They are jeep on steroids! They can carriy like 12- 15 people, but not our crew! Its awesome too, because most taxi fees are only 7 Pesos, which is about .14 cents! Awesome! Theyr are fun too because it is cool because all the air that gets in.

This was the hotel that we stayed in the whole trip. It was pretty nice. I stayed in a room with Matt, Matt, Mark and Myself. Lots of M's! It was a nice hotel. You could go downstairs and have breakfast for about 2 dollars and get 2 eggs, bacon, and toast, oh yeh and coffee! Really cheap yo!

This is FAMOUS SM MALL!! It was pretty fun...lots of american style shops, but they had sweet shops that sold Philippine snacks and candies, mmmm we had some dried mangos....the best...I love IT! But this was some cool fellowship with our new friends!

In Manila

This is when we were in Manila. We stopped off at a New Tribes Ministries housing and learning center where they train up people in the Tagalog language and send them to a area that doesnt know Jesus. It is pretty cool. Gershon knew one of the guys here (like a family member only by marriage) so he hooked up a one night stay in this sweeto hotel. Good eats too!
We went out and walked around outside, which was pretty much like the slums. It was a huge cultural shock. I think it was the worst living conditions I've seen in my life, but thats just me personally. After that we went to Jollibee's which was right outside the NTM building. They had some good ice cream. This is a picture of us worshipping after our tour of Manila. Thank the Lord for them blessing us and encouraging us on our way to Iloilo!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Food, Fellowship, and a Filling of God's Spirit!

Well really im back to Taipei, but we have a 4 hour layover in this Taiwan airport, and then i'll be back in Okinawa tonight.

Well the Lord did great and awesome things in Iloilo! The greatest thing about the trip was the great great, and i mean great times of worship. The people in CCBF Iloilo (Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship of Iloilo) had huge hearts for worship, which was definitely a sweet time of refreshment for me. There was plenty of time for fellowship...and that is what we did! Food, Fellowship, and a Filling of God's Spirit was this mission's trip in a nutshell.

I don't have a USB plugin on the computer I am i will have to send pictures and videos as soon as i get back. Sorry, I know you are all dying to see my awesome photos! lol Well until then, may the Lord bless you! Pray for our last flight! Peace!


Friday, March 9, 2007

On my way to the Philipines

Hey guys,

well im in Taipei, Taiwan right now! just hitting up some free internet connection. I'm headed toward Iloilo in the Philipines for a 5 day mission's trip. We have to do it because we need to renew our Visa, but it is great to go and outreach and bless the little Calvary Chapel in Iloilo as were there. I fly from Taipei in like 10 minutes and go to Manila, and then stay over night and get to Iloilo on another flight.

Please pray for everyone of the students out here on the flights. Pray that God will keep or planes safe, and that everyone gets back with no problems for their passports or anything like that.

Also please pray that God's people, who He really loves and wants to come to the knowledge of Him, will be reached as we are out here. Pray for Divine appointments and for us people to be in the Spirit and be used by God.

Iloilo is a great little island, with a mostly college age people, so it will be great to encourage and witness to these people! Well im off! God bless, thank you for your endless prayers! I'll send sweeto pictures laterz!

In Him, Danieru-San

P.S. HEY M&M....i'll make sure i say Hi to your family as we fly over them!!! Love you guys!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Praises from Unworthy Lips

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Well here is a quick update of my week here in Oki. Some cool pictures, great music, i love it! Be blessed and leave me lots of comments. Peace!