Friday, January 18, 2008

Foster Worship Team!

Well this is Walt Culbertson....he is my bass player, but also he is in the youth group with me, he's a koo kid....Lord willing he will be able to take over the worship for me on a youth groups....Rock on for Jesus buddy...

Well this is the whole team that I play with on Monday practices and then Sunday morning. They are a great and talented team! God has truly blessed them with great voices and hands that play instruments very well. I blessed to be able to worship with them.
Here are there names: Backleft: Daniel (ME!), Matt Culbertson (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Brezillac (Drummer), Melinda Morton (Vocals), Walt (Bass/Vocals), Amy Culbertson (Vocals), Charlie "Chuck" Culbertson (maybe on worship team when he grows up!), Maddie Culbertson (vocals), Ashely Capps (Vocals...Denise Yates' daughter). Great team! Love ya'll!

And here is Chaplain Charlie Owens, he leads Foster Protestant Chapel service. He's a great guy....I'm really like his new church attendant, and he is my new pastor for a season! He was actually pastoring at Horizon Fellowship (San Diego...Mike Macintosh) when he decided to serve the Lord in the Navy Chaplain program. I know he loves it, but it comes with alot of responsibility! God bless Charlie!

Well this is my normal sunday morning, first service....ill put up some second service kid's ministry up a little later....keep posted!


Here are some pictures of what I did while I was home....yeh I also got a new camera, so these are dem pictures....I love my new camera!

Here is me and Paco....we were chillin out playing some pool at Jesse's house for New Years Eve....good ya cisco!

Juankeen....dont know how to spell....but he's cho かわいい でしょ? Cute huh? Me not the baby...じょどん。j/k

I think that this is the best picture I have taken on accident...ever. My camera takes really good close ups...and Asa and me were fighting with his toys at Red Robin....he lost. He is slowly slipping away......

Yeh...I got to hang out with my cuz's at El Torito...our favorite place for really good steak salad...mmm...good times cuz's.

Me and the sosinator at looks like he is ready to spit or something.....hmmm....well I am really glad because he is gonna come back to Okinawa and come for one more semester...yay! Most likely he'll be able to help me with Foster youth group! Cant wait for you bro!

This is my grandma and grandpa (mom's parents)! They are awesome....they invited my family over for dinner...but it wasnt just any was like thanksgiving/christmas dinner! Turkey, stuffing and all! So sorry but no body makes stuffing like grandma! Thanks for everything guys, your prayers and support are blessing many different parts of the world! Love you both!

Well thats it for now! Come back! きて下さい。

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Im back!

Well....despite the fact that I haven't written in about 3 months...Im back....sorry for the faithful few that do check this...I will definitely try harder to keep up with it. Here are some things that happened in those months....

- Went to South Korea on a missions trip for 6 days. Sweet trip...fell in love....with kimchi
- Passed midterms.
- Had a retreat for the Foster Youth Group...we went to Okuma...people fell in love with Jesus!
- We had a great Thanksgiving! And of course we did play some football.

- We started to have some Christmas parties!
- We had to stay up(Sosi and me) til 4 am studying for tests...which we did do well on..uh finals!
- Had last youth group at foster for a month or so.
- Left Okinawa on the 17th
- Got home the 17th (strange phenomenon of time get to live the same day over....gabe....any
- Got to have Christmas rib....
- Great New years eve!

- Took down Christmas lights on new years day....almost fell off the roof, but instead some tiles did.
- Got to teach at E3G Youth Group at CCLW....thanks Jon!
- Got to lead worship for the congregation at CCLW....thanks Jerry and Royce!
- Went to a sweet missions conference at the Bible college in murrieta...great times...
- Hung out with all my family one last time for 10 months....
- Flew back out to Okinawa on the 11th

So I am now back! I will be here, serving the Lord and His people at the Bible College and at the Foster marine base youth group until October, when I will come back to Cali for my newly engaged sister's wedding. Then I will come back to Okinawa and serve the rest of the year with all my peoples out here! I am so blessed....please pray for me if you get a chance! Love ya'll lots! Im praying for you all too!