Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Night Worship

Now that Jesse is here we have been switching back in forth in leading worship, I lead night he leads morning, like that. This weekend I had night service and it was a blessing to worship with our congregation. We have a great team now...Gen and Andrew and really blessed in lead others in worship. If you'd like to here some worship, you can go to and go to the teachings tab, and click on a worship recording ;)

My wife and I wore matching white clothes, ;) she likes to do that...a lot actually :/ lol whatever makes her happy ^^ we were telling people "the Lord cleansed me!" But with joking aside, one day we will stand before Jesus, in robes whiter than anything on this earth, and be worshiping Jesus! Chow! Praise Him!

Mud festival!

One of the closer beaches to our home is Daecheon (Not Daejeon like our city name) beach, and they have a festival in that area every year! And it is a mud festival ! It's crazy fun ;) here are some pics ;)

One bad thing about te festival that is hard to get around is the American people who were partying and getting really drunk ;/ I hated exposing Nayeon to our bad culture ...having foreigners come and stain our country's reputation with crazy drinking behavior makes it difficult to minister the love of Christ to the people. Pray that opportunities to teach others wouldn't be hindered by those who don't know Him! But God is good, and will make a chance to share His goodness!

Nayeon and I got to share our 2nd year together here at this place though ( look back to previous post "Anniversary"). Had some chicken, went on some bouncy slides and stuff, buried each other in the sand, swam in the ocean, fun fun fun! What a great time with my wife ^^

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deuteronomy 6:24-25

"And the Lord commanded us to observe all these statutes, to fear the Lord our God, for our good always, that He might preserve us alive, as it is this day. Then it will be righteousness for us, if we are careful to observe all these commandments before the Lord our God, as He has commanded us."(Deuteronomy 6:24-25 NKJV)

I was really blessed by athis today. I needed to be reminded of this, that as I live my life day by day, I need to keep God's Word, trust in it, do it. God will do good always (Rom 8:28), that's His amazing promise. It comes through belief though, simple trust in Him. Then comes (v.8) the righteousness! Oh thanks Lord! I want to be like Him. :)

Just a mini devo for ya, hoping u are blessed too ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

My blog!

I figured out how to eliminate the struggle of juggling multiple social networks and updating each one to keep everyone it's is...I'll be updating the blog a lot more...keep an eye out and the prayers up...I would be really blessed!

Love, the Sedotas in Korea ;)


Well, my wife and I have known each other and been a couple for 2 years now! This day two years ago we went on our first date together, and it hasnt been the same since ;)

I realize that this date is somewhat irrelevant now, since we got married and all, but I was hoping to go out on a date or something, but we'll be spending the night with in-laws today instead YAY! :/ lol jk

I guess it's only wedding anniversaries that are important now...but what's your opinion? I want some feedback people!! Leave a comment and let me know what u think ;)

Taco Rice!

My wife and I made some taco rice the other day! Wow we were blessed! Thanks mom for the seasoning pouches ;) it is really a treat, because all the fixings are really expensive! Sour cream- 7 bucks, small block of cheese- 6 bucks, 3/4pound of meat- 4.50, olives- 3.50...u get the's like going to your favorite expensive restaurant ;( we made sure to make a lot for leftovers! Hehe

To all you californians...count your blessings living so close to Mexican food!

And too all you who don't live in that you live so far away from awesome Korean food (real Korean food ^^)...

Lol ^*


I've been blessed lately with being able to listen to KWVE! It never hit me, and I've got a lot of driving time in the bus I've been happy to hear some good ol' pastors preach the juice through my phone ;) Praise the Lord, despite being almost 10,000 miles away I can here American Bible teachings ^^

Psalm 119

Pastor Jerry led me to this site where it takes whatever you type in and scrambles it idea for shirt designs ;) it's purpose is to take the words that are said the most and make them bigger than the other words...

For example here is Psalm 119...all of it! ;)

The website was called ;) have fun!

Church Retreat!

Big retreat coming up y'all! Here's our design for our retreat (I was really blessed by someone in our church who has a great ability to draw ^^)

We are going up to Gaeryeong Mountains area for some time with Jesus! I'm excited to teach. So pray for me that the Lord will use each message to lift us up and build us closer together to Him and each other.

Wednesday Night Services

We are up and running again for Wednesday nights. I'm really excited because it's been a long time coming. We had started them before, but none of our church was available to come so the Lord shut the doors on ministry for a season. But some others have now come so we are ready to serve them! Pray for us and how God wants to speak to us on Wednesday nights.

On Wednesday we are doing some worship, reading Psalms, and having some time for prayer for our body's needs and our missionary (Sosimo).

Two birthdays

On Sunday nights after our Deuteronomy study, we had some birthdays. Andrew turned 27 and there on the bottom, Pastor Mike's daughter Jeena turned 5. In our fellowship time afterward we had some great cakes to celebrate! Happy Birthday you two ;)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


We went to Sintanjin to hangout with Nayeons family on Saturday and we decided to go fishing for a little bit! It was fun! Nayeons dad, brother, Nayeon and I drove a little bit to a small pond that had some small sunfish to catch^^

The brother in law ^^ Byung-Min holds a lot of respect in my eyes...he has my dream job as a je pilot in the military ;) oh man I always desired that growin up as a youngin ^^ he flies everyday in a sweet, super fAst jet ;) oh so cool!

These guys were really tiny, but they had a lot of play in them! We were catching them 2 at a time! Like this one! Really cool ;)

Gotta whole bag of these lil guys ;) gonna fry them up later ;)

Good time with the fam :)

For Nayeon ^^

One of my students had these leaves that she picked...hut I saw a picture opportunity ^^ (brownie points too! ^^) love u babe!

My home

Here is a pic of my apartment building ;) we are up on the 8th floor...we like it and it's a good small size for us, but it's just hot now because of the we are roughin the weather right now with a not so great AC unit :/ pray for us to be content with what God has given us, until He's ready to give us somethin a little cooler ^^ but God has given us something good ;) and we are trustin Him ^^

Hanging our wedding pictures! ^^ it's hard because u have to use a hammer drill because it's concrete walls...I did it I was balancing on a chair, drilling, and holding the vacuum to catch the dust (strict instructions from the Mrs. :/ lol jk it was ok)....ugh it was hard! :/

I'll put a pic or vid up later when I finish hangin them ;)

Just married!

Yes we were! Lol there is this car on my way to work that is a "just married" car...I love this car it's so cool!

Wouldn't u love a cruise in this thing?! I found a sweet filter for my camera ;) cool huh?!


My wife and I like to cook up sone pasta every once in a while ;) Nayeons fav is linguine and clam mom and dad brought some cans of the juice when they came for the we have a chance to rock it ;)

Heres some clam pasta and balsamic salad...mmm ;)


Our brother Bruce is taking off again! Ah!! He has already been around for 3 months in Daejeon! I can't believe it ;( he comes to Korea to help out with a Tae-Kwon-Do studio and train. Its pretty hardcore! He helped me train at the studio last summer, which was really fun ^^ I'm gonna miss him, he a blessing to chat with and encourage one another in the Word ;) safe travels back to California ^^

We're back!

Well, we have been back for 3 weeks, so sorry for not writing sooner! Nayeon and I have been super blessed and had a great time on our honeymoon and trip to California! Now I have uploaded a bunch of pictures on Flickr under my dad's account...If you would like to see these pictures, go to and look for "bigdota"! Become his friend! I will put a few here but I will put all of them on Facebook and Flickr...enjoy...we sure did enjoy our time! Thanks for all your prayers and love! We were so happy on our big day! ;)

May 28th, 2011 at our wedding in Korea!

Chowww! Its official!

The Korea traditional part of the outfits huh?!

In Miami, starting our cruise to the Bahamas!

One of our favorites! We got this one hung on our wall now at home ;)

Our wedding reception in California ;)

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas ;)

The Coca-Cola store on the Strip ;) tasting the worlds sodas ;)

My nephew is awesome ;) Benjamin is so cute and I miss him so much...we had a lot of fun tho ^^

YouTube Video

Me n Ben ^^ had a babysittin day with uncle and auntie ;)

So that's about it...super blessed...super fun time :) thanks again everyone!