Friday, January 28, 2011

Studying time...

I had some free time at night so I decided to grab some coffee and study for my bible class online ^^

I got blessed, they hooked up some extra bread that I didn't order. Score!

This little paperback is awesome..really simple but very encouraging!

Good study time today!

ILIN wedding planner

Nayeon set up an appointment to try on her wedding dress at our wedding planner place. Now I know it's not American culture for a man to go and see the dress, but normally men help their fiancé pick out their dress. Check out the place...

YouTube Video

Nayeon gettin all dolled up!

Doin her hair and makeup...

She looks great!

Wow! It was funny, I was thinking, "I feel like I'm in a movie!" waiting behind the curtain as they prepped her, kinda feelin nervous, and then seeing how beautiful she'm a blessed man to have such a beautiful bride!

Nice dress huh?! Now we are not sure if this will be her dress, but this one is her favorite so far.

I had to dress up too, but nothing compared to her! lol what a great day! Nayeon was really happy, so that made me^^ happy!

Dinner with Daniel Kim

After the dedication in Cheongju, we drove back to Daejeon...Daniel Kim and decided to hang out for dinner at some Japanese restaurant...

I thought it was cool because it was an Onigiri restaurant but with a lot of other great food too!

Japanese beef bowls! That's what we was just like Yoshinoya! They even had the pink ginger to put on it! Awesome! It was a across the street from the church but I had never noticed it!

Anyways we had some great food, but even better fellowship! It's been a while since we have chilled together, so we had great discussions! God continue to bless Daniel in all he does for Your glory!

Jinsoo Building Dedication

The other day we headed over to Cheongju for a building dedication. They had some worship and prayer...and Pastor Mike taught the Word!

They were rockin some worship...^^

YouTube Video

Mike and Daniel Kim from our church in Daejeon taught from Ecclesiastes...good word brothers!

May God use this place for His glory, whether the staff does or doesnt...may you be magnified in all things Lord!


As you can tell here, some buildings don't get much sunlight...hence this...


Nayeon made me lunch one day... I thought it was great...she is great at making kimbab...this one had tuna and kimchee in it;) and some egg salad sandwiches :) don't forget the spam! Best girlfriend ^•^


Nayeon made me lunch one day... I thought it was great...she is great at making kimbab...this one had tuna and kimchee in it;) and some egg salad sandwiches :) don't forget the spam! Best girlfriend ^•^

Wedding hall and buffet

We got to go our wedding hall the other day for another tour and free buffet tasting. I was really happy because the hall was empty today so we got a really nice tour...

Here is the view from where we will be standing looking toward the back.

Nayeons family got to come too! Nayeons mom and little brother...

Here is a vid of the whole 6th floor where our hall is....

YouTube Video

Here on the 3rd floor is our buffet area...

YouTube Video

Wow we were really blessed!

After, we went off to the mall. Nayeons dad bought some nice clothes for the is the coat he bought^^

Oh no! Wolf!

I thought that this sent a horrible
message, but it was too cute to not put up! Nayeons cousin wearing a cute beanie/bonnet

But then I came to notice it was a WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING! lol now this was cute, but there is also a
Very stern warning in the New Testament about this...

Matthew 7:15-16 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits..."

Beware brothers and sisters, know your Word so that you might discern the deceivers out there!

Praise God

I'm healed! My prayer requests have been answered and I am feeling much much better...prayer, more sleep, and meds are making me feel a lot better! Thanks again for lifting me up in your prayers ;)


On a cold day, here us a great thing to grab...a Nice hot coffee! This is Nayeon and I fav place to go..they have a really great peppermint mocha ;) nice!! As we were drinking it, it started to snow...perfect timing!

Linguini and clams

Mmm my mom and dad sent me some stuff to make one of my fav dishes! It was awesome! Very easy to prepare too!

I made it for Nayeons family, once again to be disappointed that they don't really care for it that much...our palettes are just too different ! But Nayeon was in quote! It was great! Thanks again mom and pops!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stocked up!

Well I've been sick for a couple weeks now, can't seem to shake this bronchitis...this is my fourth visit to the doctor! In Korea thy only give u medication for a couple days, because insurance is cheap and they want to check up on you.

I don't really have that luxury of insurance yet...I guess I'm starting to feel it now...after four visits, I spent about ₩85,000 ($75) for 4 visits and 4 sets of I know that's cheap for America with no insurance, but it's RIDICULOUS here! lol Pray the Lord helps me with my health!

Ben pics

I love these pictures so much! I wanted to share them with my family and friends ;) Hope u enjoy my nephew as much as I do (impossible but nice to say ^^)

Looks like they caught him doing something bad ^*

My sister Jamie and her two boys :) Gabe and baby Ben


He looks like a grumpy old man in this picture ;) lol so cute...I have a good lookin family!;)

Who taught that kid how to close his eyes for a kiss?! With my grandma, so that is Ben's great-grandma

Hey! I'm Santa!

I want to eat that chubby tummy! So cute ;)

Here is Bens room! I helped paint it when I was home in California before he was born...I think he likes it!

Got some bed head! One of my favorites! Looks like Grandpa George in the morning (my dad)!

Anyways, just some fun pics! Miss u buddy! Love you much!

Hanging out

We were hanging out with Nayeons girlfriends and someone took a nice picture of us...thought I'd put it up! Thanks Min-Jung! I still can't believe we are getting married in just over 4 months! I know time will go faster as we get busy preparing :)

Holy Cross

We had some good seats in the middle today :) As you can see they still got their Christmas tree up :/ I had a great time fellowshiping with a brother named Jae-Hee... We got to talk about church ministry and the differences between Korean and Calvary church styles! I believe God was glorified in our talks!

Well, we are saying goodbye to our sister, Narae! She is heading back to South Africa already! She studies English there, so pray for her! We'll miss u Narae and your crazy questions! lol

New Ben pics

Got some skype time with Ben the other day! Here are some pics I got!

I can just take a screenshot from my phone and get all these eat shots!

He is wearing an outfit that Nayeon and I bought him for Christmas! I'm so happy it fits!

Love u Ben!

Oh my goodness!

All I can say is WOW! This is the first time in (it feels like forever!) a while since we have had This many students at our Daejeon Jinsoo Bible Study!! How exciting! There were about 35-40 people on Friday! Praise God! It was a great time in the Word too! Going through a great portion in Luke! Pray God would touch their hearts! Please just continue to pray!


I love these things! It makes me miss my dad though ;( My dad calls these "helicopters". He taught me a long time ago when I was maybe 8, and we went to his old hometown in Dunkirk, New York. They have these things everywhere, and you pick them up off the ground and throw them up, and they catch the wind and act like a helicopter rotor, slowly touching down. This one is tiny compared to the ones I remember but works the same! Lol

Love you dad!

Itaewon Fellowship

On Tuesday Mike, his daughter and I went up to Seoul to meet some people. Now, in the video I say kids ministry, junior high, high school, but I just mean 2 girls that he taught from a young age until now... :/ lol

YouTube Video

And all that way and I forgot to take a pic of Mike with the sisters...but I did get my lunch ;) it was a good time to meet Hannah and Esther. Continue to serve Jesus girls!