Thursday, April 28, 2011


I got this sweet countdown calendar for my wedding date...oh man! Whoooo! One month and counting! ;) thanks all for your prayers as we get closer to our big day! Please continue to pray!

Resurrection Sunday Fellowship

We went to Daejeon National Cemetary for lunch and fellowship after service Sunday was lots of sandwiches and Korean sushi rolls (kimbab) and some cookies, fruit and cakes from Costco ^^

Here's a good video of the area we were at...I love the cherry blossoms falling down while we eati g and playing around ;)

YouTube Video

Some people played soccer and others just sat and talked :)

Nayeon and I took a picture by the waterfall ;)

Great day remembering Jesus in His work on the cross and resurrection. God is so good to us.

Old buddy Joseph ;)

My friend Joseph made a visit to the church Easter Sunday. I was so surprised! I haven't seen him in a good 6-8 months ;( he was the first person that I had an opportunity to share the gospel to and then got saved...really awesome young brother in the Lord...

Lately I havent seen him because he is in the military now up near the DMZ...pray that God would continue to teach him and bring Joseph closer to Him! Grow buddy grow!

Cherry Blossom Festival

In Nayeon's town (Sintanjin) they had a festival to celebrate the blooming of the beautiful cherry blossom trees...I didn't get day time pictures...but they look good at night too ^^

Here is Nayeon, but u can't really see her lol ^^

They put out lots of restaurants and carnival style games for favorite thing to do is to go to the dollar tent...I got some eye glasses repair screwdrivers ^^ cheap!

Gaenari is here!

This is the sign that Spring is HERE! whoo!! I'm excited to wear some sandals! Yeh baby!

Worship Conference

Worship in "Hard Times" was the theme of our mini conference...we met Saturday and Sunday night for two special messages from Pastor Tommy and worship from some of the students :) I was really blessed by the Word and worship...

Sunday morning was Mike's father in law's birthday.. so we all sang to him ^^ and had some cake

We had Afterglow services Sat and Sun was a special blessing to spend more time in worship and prayer with one another :)

Thanks a lot Okinawa team! May Gpd bless you all! ;)

Day in Cheonan

We took the Bible college students from Japan to visit the Calvary in Cheonan and to see Independence Hall (War history museum)

Nayeon, Pastor Mike and I ^^

Here is the entrance...was kinda not so nice weather that day..

I love these flags ^* the Korean flag is pretty cool lookin too..a lot of style

The unification statue...

We tried to copy the statue...

Everyone just split up for a couple hours to check out stuff...I got to tour around with Nayeon and learn more about Korean history (especially about the Japanese occupation and the horrendous :( war crimes they committed )

I also got to talk on skype with my parents, Pastor Jerry and Kim...they were eating dinner and we caught each other :) sweet times ^^

Oki crew

Our Okinawa friends came to visit a couple weeks ago, so I headed up to the airport to pick them up...

They came to bless us in the Word and to have a worship conference about worshiping the Lord in difficult times...

All the students and Pastor Tommy on the right :)


Just get them in all at once...u gotta know by now that this blog has a lot of food in it! ^^

This is Nayeons Apple Cheesecake! She is taking a baking class and this was one of her best thing she learned! So great! Good looking too!

This is my creation...was craving some salmon I wipped up some at my new house...mmm can still taste it!

Pastor Mike and I went out to lunch together one day...Samgyupsal! Normally places are closed in the afternoon because they open them up at night for people that are drinking and stuff..but this is a 24 hour joint! SICK! Like a straight 4 course meal here too! Hook it up babybaby!

Same restaurant as the previous picture...can u guess what this is?! I'm sad I tried this one... :/ coagulated blood soup... Doesn't that just make u want to throw up all over ur computer?! ^* jk don't do it, because you'll have to buy a new computer...or suffer through a sticky "shift" key for the rest of the computer's existence...

This is when I am happy God commanded to not eat blood (Deut 12)...even though I'm not Jewish, I take it as a personal "Daniel don't do that" from the Lord ^^

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lighthouse and Boat Ride

Around the lighthouse they had some is Nayeon ridin the seahorses...yee haw!

There was a bull sighting in Busan that

In preparation for our honeymoon cruise in June! I can't wait to go on vacation with my beautiful bride!


YouTube Video

Nice panorama juice of the water

Bought some tickets for the boat ride around the waters if Taejeongdae :)

YouTube Video

Here it comes! Hunny watch out!!!

On the boat!

YouTube Video

The water was fun and choppy when we went to the other side of the island...sorry for the lame Titanic quote... :/

YouTube Video

Wonderful time together!

Pebble beach! We picked out some stones to save for our future home...heart shaped rocks were our goal :)

Taejeongdae train and Observation Deck

Train for the sights in Taejeongdae...

YouTube Video

This is what happens when u see an awesome picture opportunity...ur view (notice the whole sign in frame)

The random strangers view... "Love in Bus" lol wish I had a camera stand :/

Inside the observation room..they had some art displaying so thought we'd take some pics

Looking out over the cliffs...

YouTube Video

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jagalchi Fish Market

First stop was LUNCH! Lunch at Jagalchi fish market is a must for any Busan traveler. There are so many fish stores, all with amazing food fresh out from sea;)

YouTube Video

Jagalchi Market is a bog building actually, with the first floor full of people selling seafood and the second floor with restaurants that serve what food you choose ^^

Nice picture by the bay...

So here it is!

YouTube Video

Waiting for our fish! The anticipation is killing me!

Here is what we got! They are both obviously sushi style, the left one fresh halibut (really great) and the right some type of eel looking fish (not like a snake...difficult to describe) was awesome!

This is that special type of eel fish...this lady was selling it for too much so we went to another dude...This fish is only in this area, we cant get it in Daejeon..

YouTube Video

We also got some hot soup that had some fish in it too! Whoooooo! Awesome!

This is the results of an awesome comatose ^*

Off to see Taejeongdae now...back to the bus to find the sights of Busan!

Going to Busan!

Busan! If you don't know where this's a picture! I live there in Daejeon and Nayeon and I are gonna take a 3-4 hour train to check it's the the 2nd biggest city in Korea, and the 3rd biggest port in all of the world! Amazing huh?!

And were off!

YouTube Video

Finally arrived...outside Busan Station

My piggy fiance... Cute piggy I might add ^*

So were gonna run around like crazy today...we didn't plan much, but were gonna figure out everything from maps and my cellphone :) we gotta get everything packed into just 14 hours, train leaves 9:15pm to go back home!