Monday, August 22, 2011

New cousin!

Well my cousin Christina had her second baby this week...9 pound 11oz if I remember correctly...and his name is Conner Keene ;) very cute

I got to meet on skype with them, but a lot of my family was there too! I saw my aunts and uncles, cousins and my grandma! I was blessed. Pray for me because I miss times like this when I can't be home for my family. I am not sure if I am going home for Christmas this is tight because we are saving for a bigger home..we'd like to fill it in the future and our home now is already full with two ;)

Birthdays at the church

After Sunday night service we celebrated two birthdays..Lena's birthday from Wednesday (same as my dad's) and mine which is Tuesday ...I am turning a quarter of a century...I can't believe it! Well it was great celebrating with my church family ;)

YouTube Video

The cake was made by my mother in law! She made a huge rice cake cake! It was so good (and healthy too...lots of soy beans, pumpkin, jujubes)! Thanks a lot mom! My wife cut it all up and passed it out...but there was a lot of leftovers so we gave it all out in plastic wrap ;)

Great day!

Saturday in Sintanjin

Saturday was awesome...woke up at 9 and then had breakfast...sat on the couch and both my wife and I passed out until 2pm bwahhahaha so sweet to have a good day to sleep a lot!

Went to Sintanjin for celebrating my birthday and having dinner. Before we went to the house..we cruised to the dam and walked around...its been getting nice lately! Definitely cooling off and heading toward fall...havent had to use my air conditioner this week! Here they had some face painters...but we went with the hand ;)

Here was dinner! Ohhhhh juicy! Duck! It's so good! It amazingly tastes like ham ;) very fatty taste, definitely not like chicken !

Me and my babe ;)

Her brother took a video singing Happy Birthday but I'll probably never get it, cuz I never see him normally ;)

It's birthday is Tuesday the 23rd so I'll probably have another time when people will sing for me ;) gotta love Birthdays !

An eventful long weekend!

Got to meet my sister and nephew in skype the other day ;) he is getting cuter! He had a haircut like his uncle!

On Saturday we went over to Sintanjin for time with the was making some kimchi ;)

Nayeons mom and dad bought us some cold noodles for's perfect in this hot weather ;)

At night time we went out to hang with Kalvin and his girlfriend, Yu-Jin ;) it was nice spending time and getting to know them better. Both of them are fairly new believers, so pray that we can minister to them ;)

Well no pictures from Sunday this week, but on Monday we had a holiday...Independence from Japan day...I love holidays!

Spent time at the hospital close to our home...Nayeons uncle is in te hospital for a hurt disc in his back...will be there for some time :/ the family went and hung out...

He was feeling well enough to go out to lunch together with everyone we had cold noodles again (mul nang myun..literally cold water noodles)...Nayeon and her mom in front of the pumpkin yut (kinda like taffy) ...

Here is her uncle! He is such a character! Went out in public in his hospital clothes! Lol ...when I said to take a picture...everyone backed away (no one wants proof of being there! lol) haha good times!

We are in Kyeryeong mountain area...chilling and playing in the creeks ;) fun day to relax on Independence day!

YouTube Video

In the creek now...lots of fun

YouTube Video

At the restaurant by the creek...

YouTube Video

After this we went to go see a movie was my first Korean movie! It was a comedy movie, so despite understanding almost none of the words, I could follow the story ;) very fun times with my wife and inlaws

Last part of my crazy 3 day rest was spending time with Nayeons grandpas brother. We had some sashimi and some chinese food ;)

Wow what a blessed holiday weekend!

Saying goodbye to Jesse

We again are saying goodbye to our friend Jesse Spencer... ;( I can't believe it's been 3 months already...he came the week before our wedding and filled in while Pastor Mike and I weren't around. Such a blessing to have a great brother here with us!

Before he left we had him over for dinner at our home ;) we had a great time in fellowship...and we made him some taco rice ...oh so good

Jesse's last service was on Wednesday night..he taught and le us though the Psalms..way to preach the Word brada!

We'll miss you here and hope you return to serve the Lord in the near future :)

Retreat pics!

Pastor Mike had taken some pictures and put them on the bulletin board from the retreat...enjoy!

FaceTime and Dads Bday!

Got some FaceTime with my dad the other day ;) literally!

My Dad got a new phone, so now we can meet on skype anytime! What a blessing that is ;) Happy birthday to you pops! Hope you had a blessed day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunday night

Jesse leading worship for the last time on Sunday...he will be leaving this Friday ;( we will miss him

YouTube Video

After church we went to Holy Cross and had some fellowship ;) I rocked a raspberry iced tea! Been so long since I had one ;)

Finally I cut my hair...I was really lookin like a bum so I made time to cut it....I must say I am proud of myself...I did it like this all alone...the wife just looked over what I cut ;)

YouTube Video

Great night...and now I will feel a little cooler in this weather too ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Last week we had a chance to support our brother David at a gaming convention the city was putting on...they had a bunch of booths from all the universities in the area...they had some great stuff ;)

Here is our friend from church David. He made these hats for us and some other people at the church...funny huh ;)

I didn't take a lot of pictures, because honestly I was playing games like this one ;) this was fun, they also had a 4D roller coaster type simulation, some cool flash games, and a cool throwing balls at the screen game...someone had even developed a game for wii...great time...have to respect all the hard work these guys do.

After that we went home and had some leftovers ;) fried pasta and garbanzo and fava beans ...mmm Italian food ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busan vacation! Day 1

Wow the Lord blessed Nayeon and I with a couple days off, so we decided to have a trip to Busan ;) We have some friends that live down there so we planned on meeting them. They also set us up in a hotel and we had a free stay for two nights and 3 days ;) wow Praise the Lord and thanks Paul and Kathleen!

So here is the three hour drive...are we singing some worship or what?! lol Nayeon can always fall asleep...anywhere :o hehe

Made it into Busan and met up with Kathleen...we met her and her husband at our church in Daejeon...and she's actually the one that told me about the job I have now at SOT. They are a great couple. They are married now and are expecting a boy ;) Lord bless them! Kathleen and I got sandwiches at Au Bon Pain :) great deli place!

Carnival! The mall we went to was awesome ;) it is very famous...actually the biggest mall in the WORLD! quite a claim ;) happy to have visited..they had some Brazilian Carnival in the middle of the mall...very entertaining

YouTube Video

Proof of the largest mall in the world...check the vid

YouTube Video

Hangin with the Korean "blue man group" ;)

At the movie theatre floor, they had this huge touch screen wall for taking was cool...took pic, added stickers, sent to my phone ;) so sick

Here is when we left...really cool building ;) the glass here gets really hot so they run water down it all afternoon to cool the glass...they do this because they need to keep the ice rink cool behind the glass ;P

We wanted to chill at the mall until Kathleens husband Paul got off work....then it was off to Jalgalchi and PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival) for dinner and walking around

We had Chinese food (Korean Chinese ;) loved the bibs ^^

Heres a good pic of the happy couple ;) Kathleen and Paul ;) they look great!

After dinner we got a Busan famous dessert/snack...Hodduk...its a pancake filled with nuts and cinnamon and sugar ;) very good! But in Busan they add this last step of cutting the pancake and adding sunflower seeds and other goodness ;)

YouTube Video

Walking around, shopping, having good conversations ^^

View of Busan port area at night...we went to this place that had this big tower that I can't pronounce ;) great view...

YouTube Video

Good night with our friends! I'm so happy we could have met them and shared our visit together ;)

Busan Day 2

We woke up to this lovely view ;) very blessed ;)

Today is beach day! We are gonna check out the most popular beach in Korea today, Haeundae beach...there will be thousands of people there, it is crazy:)

This bridge took us past Gwanganli beach, another popular Busan beach, but we will see that at night for a better view ;)

YouTube Video

Cool map of our area ;)

We are finally here for beach time!

YouTube Video

In the parasal farm....

YouTube Video

Watch out for jaws! Oh man I love my water 4 bucks I spent for an accessory!

YouTube Video

Under the parasal umbrellas having some lunch ;) these guys run down the small aisles selling chicken, coffee, water, shaved thing ever, just like a baseball game ;)

YouTube Video

Well...after the beach...went home, showered, rested, then back out for dinner at Jalgalchi again...this time we were gonna eat at the famous fish market! Had some spicy soup!

Went back to PIFF area across from the fish market because there was also the outdoor markets (cheaper and not like name brand kind o' shoppin!)...found some cherries for super cheap! Remember fruit is expensive so it's a blessing to find good stuff

Most interesting thing I saw here at the international market...leaf sandals ;) hilarious

Small dinner so we had Busan ddukbokki ;) this is rice cake in a super spicy can see the spicy cauldron over there...that's what we ate...seriously burned my insides :/ ( yes my wife and I are always eating )

The last part of our night we drove to Gwanganli beach...remember from the bridge?!

YouTube Video

Cool pano of the beach and bridge

Met up with Paul and Kathleen again ;) more fun to begin!

There is a carnival close by so we walked there...found out there is also a small amusement park called MeWorld a little we just stopped by at this little one and rode the Viking ride there!

Viking ride!

YouTube Video

We called it a night and walked all the way back...uhh we need to rest! Tomorrow is the last day and I still need to drive home!