Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Resurrection Sunday!

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We had a great Sunday being with Jesus. I am glad you can come on here and check this out. Let me know what you guys think!! Hit me up some comment juice!
I love one thing that Tom said on Sunday. He said that back in their days of after Jesus resurrected, they would shout out to a crowd "He is Risen!!" And then the people in the crowd would call back out "Yes! He is Risen indeed!!!" Jesus is surely Risen, He is not dead! Praise the Lord for a day to proclaim with no fear of judgment that the Lord is Risen indeed!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some real Marine food!!

Here we were blessed by being able to take part in eating a Marine MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). This is what our troops that are in the bush eat, with thousands of calories in each bundle. It may not look like a lot, but oh my gosh it will fill you up so much!! They have everything in there too! They have a bag that as you add a tiny bit of water, it will heat up and warm your food up, great!! Then they have desserts like cookies, M&Ms, and cakes. Man they dont mess around in those big Marines meal time! This is a real Dinner Time made (no so) easy!


Here is one of the best resturants that you can eat at in Okinawa, Japan. This is where you get a bunch of uncooked niku (Meat) and go to your table where there is a little grill. You toss your food on the barbee and chow down!! Ahh this food is awesome. And while you're are waiting they have all you can drink soda, cotton candy, ice cream, and precooked meats and soups! Good stuff here!

YessAsa!! Of course this place is number 1!

This meal is a little more expensive, around $9.80 a meal, but it is worth the full belly afterwards!!!

Barclay Court Outreach

We came out here...passed out some tracts and flyers, and lead some worship right on the busy street of Barclay Court....right in front of a Drive thru Starbucks! Some of you might think I'm ruffing it out here....surely thats not the case as you can see from the trip we made the a store called BEST....which is really just like a BestBuy back in the States.

What we did here is hop in some massage chairs and get down with our bad selves. Mostly it put people to sleep. I wet my pants when I got on it, but thats just me....for Tom on the other hand, he was literally about to cry...poor Tommy baby....

Good times after a fruitful outreach!!!


It has almost been a month!!! Man time has flown....but i will try to do some makeup BLOGS get they come!!!!!!!

The "What Resturant is this?" Game!!!!

Where can you draw on tables and chow on great chocolate cake after dinner?!?! Did you guess yet...well for all lovers of Italian better know....yep that is right, they have a.....

MACARONI GRILL!!!! whoooowhooooo!!! They have the Macaroni Grill here on Foster base...and when I went and spent the night with the people I minister with on Sunday night Youth group on Foster...they took me here!! It was a blessing....mmmm i chowed on some veal....reminds me of the day that Jon, Lina, and Krystal took me out before i left....tears.....haha good times.