Monday, May 12, 2008


This is for my sis Jaim....she turns 24 you lots girl....wish I could chill with you on your birthday! Have a good one!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Here you go Mom. Love you lots....I know you know how much I care for you....

I took this picture in Tokyo, sorry its a little girl giving the flower, but I think you get the picture. lol (The Japanese says Happy Mothers Day)

Leaving Tokorozawa and Tokyo

Ah man i had a great trip to Tokyo....I'm am so blessed that the Lord provided for me to go! It is definitely different from living in Okinawa, for sure! It was good to get away, but I'm glad I'm came back to Okinawa, it is too much "Life" in Tokyo, so crazy and full of people in the rat race.

Alright, well this is Cody again...I said I would talk about him some more...he is from Hawaii, but is straight out American Samoan...he has never seen the place, but he reminds me of all the Samoans I have met. To me....he looks just like Sonny, with a little bit of Eli in was so much fun chillin with him....felt like I had known him for years. Just dont put any cats around him! lol

And this is Michael Snider....he was done here in Okinawa a year ago as a Bible College student, but is now on the missions field here with Pastor Travis Takamiya in CC Tokorozawa. It was cool to hang with him again, watching him suck down the coffee every morning, and then getting his "devil juice" Coke or Dr. Pepper fix...he was missing the Okinawan さんぴん茶 (Jasmine tea), but they started serving it in the FamilyMarts and stuff. He is one happy boy! He is still serving the Lord hardcore, learning Japanese, and teaching English at "We Go Eigo".

Sweeto time in Tokyo....maybe I will come back again one day! I know the next time I come, it will also mean that I will see Tokyo Disney, especially Disney Sea, which is on Tom's blog, if you want to see it.....i am going to make time to go next time! It looked awesome!

Dress up at "We Go Eigo"

We came to one of the ministries that Pastor Travis helped start in the city of ふっちゅ (Fucchu), called "We Go Eigo". It is just a english teaching program that they have for younger when we went we played with some of the thing let to another, and we were in their play clothes....well except most of us couldn't get the clothes on....too chubs....

In the picture: ダニエル、ハンナ、慈愛、コーヂ
Daniel, Hannah, Jiai, Cody
Jiai was a cool new friend I got to meet, she goes to school in Canada, she is cool...then there is Cody....this guy is a sweet homie....more about him later!

Calvary Chapel Japan Conference '08

This was the conference that we went to in Tokyo area. It was themed "Set Free to Serve", going through the book of Galatians. It was a great time to get away and here from the Lord with other Christians and worshipers of the Lord.

It was a blessing to hear great messages that were all translated by very skilled translators. Not that I could completely
But you could tell and see the gift of God through their lives.

We got to set up shop at the back of the room for the Bible College. Hannah and I mostly came back and talked to people when they walked by, giving them the e3missions cards and also prayer cards. I got to meet a lot of cool people, but really I got to meet people that were growing and struggling in the same areas as they are reaching out and ministering to Japanese people also. It was a very encouraging time. Definitely "iron sharpening iron" times....

Now to Shinjuku

Well this was my favorite building that we is soooo beautiful...we came down to this area for shopping and eating....pretty fun! There are so many places that we saw it is hard to keep track, but the cool part was taking the transportation, but it was expensive. Probably cheaper than driving everywhere with gas prices so high, but still fun and a new experience for me...

About 20 minutes away from this building was the Conference that we stayed went to.

Scooter time....

This was awesome! I got to ride my first scooter in Tokorozawa....Pastor Travis let me ride his juice around the block and then in a parking lot of a hospital....dont worry I only hit one grandma in a just kidding...this was awesome....

Where am I?

Well by a couple of these photos, can you guess where I am? Remember I am in Japan.....

Thats right I'm am in Costco! I couldn't believe it, it was hilarious. It is exactly the same too....people giving out samples and everything. We hung out there for some stuff, but we chubs went to get some food....I remember when my mom used to make chicken bakes there for the Christmas season....haha We had a great time!

Shibuya Video

Well we were in Shibuya....and there were so many people....remember that this was during "Golden Week", the busiest time for travel in Japan. It was pretty sweeto to be here!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

In Shibuya

Well Tim, Andrew, and I are here safely in Tokyo....but this is is like the New York equivalent....pretty sweet....more pictures to come