Wednesday, February 27, 2008

B³ Lock In Dinner

We had a Purity Lock In Night, but before we locked ourselves in at the chapel for a time of the Word and worship and fun, we went to the Globe and Anchor for a sweet dinner with all the fixins....Here is most of the group that we serve at the B³ youth group.....It was cool to have some of the Bible college students there too....thanks so much for the great witness and encouragement to the youth! Oh camera this night was on the frits with no charge and stuff, so I wasnt able to get alot of pics....but we danced salsa here on the dance floor....really fun....thanks Sosi and Fredee....and Masao broke some b-boyin juice down.....sweet.....

Oh but this was also fun....some of the guys....(dylan and jake) didnt want to participate during the message....and we asked them if they would participate or they would have to play a game later....but not just any game....they had to play this game....Cheesecake with ranch and vegetables on top.....mmmm.....maybe they should trust us when we tell them to be just some fun.....

But yeh the rest of the night was amazing...we were so blessed. Continue to pray for the kids!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cape Zanpa

This beautiful place is a famous place of action during the attack on Okinawa from the US Marines. Before they invaded Okinawa, this was the place, in Yomitan, that they filled the waters with American battleships and amphibious vehicles to run aground the island. The Marines were expecting another D-Day like in Normandy, but actually got no opposition on the shores, because the Japanese were bunkered down for a war of attrition, fighting to the last man, in the caves and underground tunnels of the Island of Okinawa.

We went here to check out the suicide cliffs and stuff, but while Tom and the students went for a walk to the cliffs, I walked down toward the waters on the very sharp coral formations to get a closer look at the crashing was so sweeto....

This is the lighthouse that was put up in remembrance of the landing here in Okinawa. You can get to the top for a small fee...but walking around it is just fine with me...

This is just a quick video of the crazy waves here....when you start the video, just in the distance is where the suicide cliffs are. The people were so afraid of the Marines from what the Japanese war machine would say. They would tell the Okinawans that the US were barbarians, and that they would do lewd things to their women and children, so instead of going through that, they would kill themselves and their babies. So horrible. The ideal of suicide in Japan is still very sickening, that it is more honorable than causing shame to your name or family. This is a big battle that is being fought out here, and the people need to hear of the love of Jesus. Please continue to pray for the Japanese people!

Sweet Okinawa house

I was hanging out with Pastor Tom and Tim, and Tim had to head over to his wife's parents house. So we took him there, and there was the most beautiful house that I have ever seen....everything about it was just are some of the pictures.

This is like a little ladle that you use for cleaning your hands. You would usually dip this in the water, and then run the water over your hands, instead of just sticking your hands in the water and contaminating all the fresh water. Its cool how the Lord cleanses us through the Word. Thank you Lord.

This is just a sweet lookin thing, dont know what this one is used for...looks like a seesaw, maybe that is what it is.
Anyway it is cool.

Ayu's (Tim's wife) dad take care of all these things daily, and he puts a lot of hard work into keeping his huge back yard looking ridiculously amazing. The house has been in his family for a long time, but he put a lot of additions to the outside gardens, including a onsen (bath house) and dining area for when they BBQ.

This is the best picture....not because I'm in it....but because this is a picture of a bansai tree that is more than 100 years old. It is Ayu's dads favorite bansai tree, and he takes extra good care of it, there were close to no blemishes or bad growths on the tree. These trees take so much discipline. It just shows how someone can be so dedicated to something for so long and it can still be almost perfect. Same with our walks with the Lord, we can be righteous, pure, and holy before the Lord, but by putting our bodies and minds under submission, disciplining it to follow the Lord!

This is the stair well from the street up into the house. It was so beautiful, and I was blessed to get to see this house. As soon as we started to walk around, I was thinking how awesome it would be to seek the Lord in the gardens, just spending time with Jesus! Find your place to seek the Lord, to hear from Him!

God bless!

Super Bowl...

We had a superbowl Monday morning party out here in Okinawa, while you guys back home in California had SuperBowl in the spirit of great munchies and awesome food, we made some breakfast dishes, and I was blessed to make my famous Banana pancakes. mmmm....i love them so much....thanks to everyone else for making their stuff too!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pig on the loose...

Well on Sunday, as we were going out to lunch, there was a pig that got loose from a near by pig farm. It was filthy and very much hideous. Click on the picture to get a closer look. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

B³ Youth Group

Well it is official....that is the new name to the Foster Protestant Youth Group....and with it come a few changes! We changed our Sunday night meetings to Friday night....we were so rushed on Sunday because it was a school night, and we would finish by 7:30pm. So this way on Friday, we can chill with them longer, like until about 8:30, and then we head out to the Food Court on Foster, and grab some food and fellowship some more!

It was a blessing to see some new faces, and I pray that God would continue to draw His children until the work that He is doing with the youth on the military bases! Praise the Lord!

On this blog...shoot me a little comment about the youth, like any questions about them or new things coming up...or leave encouragements for them! I will make sure to tell them! God bless!

Catherine's 17th Bday

This is Catherine, and she is one of the youth thats comes to our Foster group....she's a pretty cool girl...sometimes....jk

Well we were blessed to go to Catherine Dunston's house for her B-day party....we had a great night....Mary Catherine, her mom, made a great chili...mmm....good.

But then the fun really started, me and Catherine started to get the little water pistols and spray them at each other in the mom would have killed me, but her mom was splashing dish soap on my face, so I let her have it....but eventually it moved outside...and the big guns came out....buckets of water, hoses, you name it we did it....even got on the roof and dumped the water on everyone....haha oh yeh and that is a pinata on Sosi's head!

But we had a great time celebrating with Catherine for her special day....and now she is legal to drive on base. Watch out!

Continue to grow in the Lord and His grace Catherine!

Fun at Mihama...

So here we are at the famous Mihama hangout...this is right next to the entrance to the big fat ferris wheel that they have here....we were just messin around taking pictures....some of the names....Evan, Sosi, fredee, melissa, danieru, and Joel (Grandpa). Yes we have nicknamed Joel grandpa, he likes to go to bed by 10:30pm every night, and he is sometimes grouchy (jk Joel), but we love him!

I got a little too excited trying to chase down Sosi for stealing little kids hotdogs out of the hands and called SWAT on him. He is now dead...the end. Well maybe that didnt happen, but we had fun almost breaking the little kids cop car ride. Fun times...


yeh! My homie from my first semester here in Okinawa, Matt Davis, is getting hitched! I've talked to him a little since I heard, and he's really excited! They are getting married in April... I remember seeing pictures of his new fiance here back a year ago, and now God has put them together again! Praise the Lord....I'm excited for you bro...stay focused on Jesus for you and her! God bless!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Laughing....and a lot of it...

Wow this was the funniest time...almost ever....well here is the story.

Asa and I were playing with his toys, and Asa didn't want to share with Nico. So Asa got mad, and then mad at me for letting Nico still play with his toys, and he spit on me. Oh no you didnt! So I made him sit down, like Super Nanny style, but he started to make faces, and I just kept a straight face (as best as I could) and he started to laugh and freak out. So funny. Michal and I both started doing all starts with "Whats wrong with your face..."

His laugh reminds me of the laughing song with Dick Van Dike on Mary Poppins...hilarious...

My friend...

Hey guys...haven't updated in a little...but its been a great beginning of a new semester...Im taking probably just as many classes as a full time student....pray for me...I think its going to be great though!

Well anyway, this guy right here on the right is Yu (sorry if I spelled it wrong), but he is a sweeto guy...he comes to Pastor Tom's church. We have had some good talks before, and as I was walking through Jusco with the new students, I saw this guy and was like "oh man, thats Yu!" Just like that really. But pray for him, he's cool, but every time I see him at church, he is always tired...I used to used that phrase as an excuse, just trying to get Cisco to stop talking to me....but seeing him at his job makes me believe him! But pray for his relationship with Jesus! Love ya Yu.

mmm....he is a たこ焼き maker (takoyaki- Octopus dough ball) ....maybe i'll get a hook up one