Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Today we found a store that had a bunch of Christmas things inside...Mike and I wanted to buy some things for the church!

We bought this plant thing...pretty cool looking!

We also brought a lighted wreath...seeing all these things though makes me miss Christmas in California a little bit...;(

Korean Culture lesson

So I was a little curious about these little stone statues that they have here in Korea...we were at the supermarket and saw them next to the tangerines...

Now I know a little...they are called Dol hareubang (돌 하르방) which literally means "stone grandfather" ...but I had heard they were just the symbol for Jeju Island, Koreas biggest island under the peninsula...but I also heard it had pagan roots...decided I wanted to research this!^^

So this is what they look like...

Now I went to Wikipedia...did a search on "dol hareubang". You van the search yourself but the gist of the info is that, Yes, it WAS a symbol of deity and promoted fertility, (small replicas would be given women wih fertility problems) BUT, it seems to have changed lately. People mostly correlate it to just Jeju Island since it's mostly a "honeymoon" place.

But anyways, Jeju is famous for their tangerines and really beautiful waters, and these old stone grandpas symbolize Koreas most popular tourist place. ^^

CC Cheonan

Today we drove up to Cheonan...Mike was picking up a package and also we needed to get some church flyers printed out...

If you are in Cheonan look for this building!^^

This is Joseph and he helped us get the right format for our flyers today...he is also the one that did most it my paperwork for my missionary Visa here! Thanks Joseph!

CC Cheonan bulletins and prayer list

Even bigger prayer list! If you would pray for them please do!

Holy Cross hangout

Lately on Sunday nights we have been going back to Holy Cross for some after service fellowship!
They got Christmas all set up in there so Nayeon and I took a pic^^

This picture is because we are in Korea and you are NOT! lol jk we sent this picture to Sosimo because it was like the old gang from when we were here together last year...we dont always see Nayeons friend Hannah, she was always around before for fun times with Sosi...we miss u bud!

Mmm waffles! Makes me miss my moms belgian waffles and boysenberry syrup from Knotts Berry Farm

We had a good group of people to chill after...its really relaxed, a little different from before with a bunch of games and laughing, but good all the same ^* pray our times together will be glorifying to the Lord and building us closer together.

호떡! Ho-dduk!

This is a really good snack! It's a pancake with like cinnamon and sugar inside, but at scolding molten lava temperatures...^* perfect thing to tide me over until after church service!

David's gift

On Sunday my friend David here came me an interesting gift...he gave me a limited edition Starscream Transformer ...lol It was a late birthday gift, which became my engagement gift! ^^ lol

He actually ordered it from Japan and I'm really blessed because if u know about anything "limited edition"...it can be pretty pricey! Wow thanks bro....I like Starscream from the Transformer movie because he changes into a F-22 Raptor which is a really sweet jet...anyways!! Thanks David!

Saying goodbye!

So after hiking we went home and showered and then took the bus to Mokpo station...waiting for the bus...

Oh man we had so many good times...I'm so blessed I have such a great brother here in Korea...thanks God

Leaving my buddy behind ad heading back to Daejeon!

YouTube Video

Climbing Yu-dal Mountain

In the morning after some breakfast we headed out for some hiking! Here was our morning view...cloudy with a chance of miracle! Ahhhhhhh! (whenever I saw these rays of light beaming out from the clouds, as a kid of course, I always thought God was doing a miracle where the light was shining) :)

You are here! lol love these signs!

So here we are about to start trekkin up the hill to the top, where we will see all of beautiful Mokpo!

YouTube Video

We were almost there when we saw this funny squirrel, couldn't get my camera out quick enough tho for a long shot :/

YouTube Video

We made it to the top! It was about an hour hiking, not too long, but as you can hear from my panting, pretty good exercise...

YouTube Video


228 meters high at the peak...pretty sweet view too!

Ahhhh so beautiful! I like the islands on the other side but my shots didn't come out well...you'll just have to go and see amazing Korea for yourself!^^

Kalvin's pad

Kalvin has this really sweet one room place in Mokpo...small, but it's got enough room for any bachelor to survive! I liked it alot

He's got a pretty sweet setup!

Thanks for letting me crash with u dude!

Eating at Kalvin's

We went back to Kalvins house and we were still a bit hungry so we some food...Kalvin is a pretty good bachelor cook^*

Thanks buddy! We had some really great conversations...encouraging times with my bro :)


OK so we are in SUSHI TOWN for dinner... Check out the menu for today!

YouTube Video


We had 4 octopus' uncut and then 3 cut up (but still moving:/)

Kalvin teaching me how...I couldn't believe the octopus was cut and still squirming!

YouTube Video

Take one! OK don't tease me^^ this is super difficult!

YouTube Video

And.....he's eating me! I seriously thought he was going for a bite at my fingers...:/

YouTube Video

I conquered him! Finally I got him!

YouTube Video

Kalvin having his second...he's crazy lol

YouTube Video

Wow great dinner! thanks Kalvin for helping me find and enjoy a new Korean style dish!


Kalvin has a tutoring class that he couldn't change, so we went together...it didn't matter to me^^

Walking to the class ...

Here is Kalvin and his English student...I think he was a bit hyper because I was around ^*

The student likes to sketch and this one I thought was really good...especially for a 9 year old!

I had to take a picture of the boy's little sister, her name is Nayeon like my fiancé :) I haven't heard another person having the same name it's kinda rare^*

Poptart time!

I got blessed by my mom with some poptarts from the states so I shared some with my best friend! Thanks Mom!

YouTube Video

Doctors visit

Kalvin hurt himself a while back a sliced his finger and got these pretty stitches... Today he got them pulled out at the hospital...

If your grossed out sorry, but I was tempted to put the video of the stitches coming out ^^

Mokpo Natural History Museum

Felt like we walked forever but we finally got to the museum we wanted to check out^^
Watch out Kalvin!

Look at those penguins!^^

We always have a good time wherever we go ^*

YouTube Video

Good shot buddy...I was trying to teach him how to do panoramic pics

We went swimming and didn't even get wet! ^^

Watch out for the sharks!

We just took our time, relaxed a bit in the museum...just chillin^^