Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going to Tokyo

Well Tommy and Hannah head off today, but Tim, Andrew, and myself leave tomorrow at 10am. We are off to Tokyo....this picture I obviously didn't take....but I am hoping I get to see these three famous landmarks (Statue of Liberty replica, Rainbow Bridge, small but the red thing in the back, Tokyo Tower).

I am off to Tokyo for a Pastor's Conference that some Calvary Chapel guys we know up in mainland are having. It doesn't start until Monday, so we will have some time to chill in the big city, see some sites, eat some grub, hang out with Travis Takamiya and his family....that kind of stuff....ill send some pictures when I can!

Please pray for a blessed and safe trip....even though it is only 2 hours away!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Outback in Korea?!?!

Mike Laudermilk took us out for a sweet lunch at Outback Steak house in Seoul....oh man, i almost cried....simply amazing.

God has really blessed us in Korea, physically, but also spiritually, causing our hearts to experience once again another culture and people that completely, utterly need the gospel of Jesus Christ. Who does need this good news? Who doesn't need a change in their life by the Father of Heaven?

Well we are now back in Okinawa, and we will be hitting the ground running as the semester only ends in 4 weeks. Crazy....this semester has flown...and let me reiterate how fast it has gone.....swish.....just like

God is continuing His mighty work in Okinawa....please be on your face in prayer for God's people here in need of HIM!

Evangelizing Cheonan

This is us at the Cheonan Train Station pass out tracts and was funny...someone came up and tried to open my guitar case and put in money, they I was a famous im just kidding around....

When we went, there was a very strong spiritual battle going on, with lots of drunken men coming up and trying to disrupt our ministry, lots of people take the tracts but ripping them up and putting them in the gutters. But it was a very fruitful time to spend explaining, persuading, and witnessing, showing the light of the Lord to people in this city.

Spiritual condition of the Korean people (in my opinion....I am definitely not the Lord who can see hearts):
I believe that the church in Korea is very much like many American churches, very self-satisfying and seeker-friendly. The people in America are dead in "religion", and many times dont have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Especially with the "Emergent Church", trying to reach out to the world with worldly and "friendly" ways, not even speaking of sin or coming to Jesus for those sins we commit. Many Korean churches are turning to and seeking ideas from American churches, which causes their churches to fall into the same traps we Americans fall into.
Please continue to pray that God would raise up this generation of Korean people (Americans too) and that God would show Himself strong through people's lives that are truly seeking after Him. There should be fruit that comes the service of His children. That fruit should be self evident, not having to look hard at all to see the hand of the Lord. Please please pray....get on your knees....

please leave a comment or prayer for these people!

Dream car....and ministry....

WOw....well this was just chillin out in the middle of the city....but this is the one car i have always dreamed of driving...definitely just a flesh thing....but it was just amazing to sit next to a half a million dollar car...but it is only a big piece of metal...

the best part about this is that some people came around, foreigners like us, and we stopped them and told them about the gospel. In that crowd was a korean Australian, 3 saudi arabians, and a guy from LA....sweet time to minister to people about the Lord!

Jinsoo peepz

Just like the last time that I went to Korea, we had two main focuses when we went...

1. KSOM- Korea School of Ministry
2. Jinsoo Korea English Institute (

Well I dont think I have any pictures of the KSOM, but I do for the Jinsoo english school. We got to hang out with 2 different school, whom our host, Mike Laudermilk teaches at (He is the one that is our hook-up and master planner for our trips), so we got to do different things like give a description (short devotion) of our favorite verses, but also go hang out with them for dinner. But Saturday we went to a special day that have, "Free Talk Saturday" where we did a lot of conversational english with the students, and also games, and lunch. It was so awesome. This was my group (some had 2 Bible college students to a group, but I was by myself), and we were supposed to take a cool picture at this waterfall thing. We went b-boy, try not to laugh too hard ok?!?! (VINA, MOON, LIZ, DAWN, ME)

We also went out and had a sweeto lunch, and then a cultural Korean drum lesson (very sweet), and then we walked through a park...where we took this picture! Good times with my new friends in Korea! Please continue to pray for most of those people that aren't saved, that God would reveal Himself to them!

To awesome to not post....

Unlike Okinawa...the sakura trees are so huge....with not just a few flowers on the end of a branch, but dozens....they are so beautiful. This picture probably would have been a little more beautiful if I didnt take it, but was in jk

Cherry Blossom festival in Daejeon!

Well this is the Cherry Blossom festival that was right next to our youth hostel that we stayed at in Daejeon city, Korea. Everyday we got to see very very beautiful cherry blossoms (さくら sakura, 桜 , in japanese), but they are different from Okinawa ones. These one were mostly white with red in them....very awesome to be by. Everynight there was like a festival, with the streets lined with vendors of awesome lookin food and carnival games. In our hostel, there was a lot of people that were up until the wee hours of the night, partying and stuff (not so good for us), celebrating this time...very fun

But during the first night...Evan and me decided to go shopping and we bought a couple chort katana or bokans, jsut wood practice swords....only 5 bucks! yata! a few cuts and scrapes have been the cause of many incessant battles....i shall get you evan van kirk....NEXT TIME!

In Korea

Well...these are all a week late...but we went to South Korea! We had a great time...these are some of the little amounts of pictures I took out there...I took only 30 or 40 pictures....but I took 438 videos...exactly....I will be making a video of the pray I get it done sometime this semester! haha....i will try to push it out in my busy schedule...miss you all! be blessed!

Up North Trip Postponed!

B³ Youth Presents "Up North" 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
9AM-5PM (Date postponed until futher notice)

We are heading "Up North" to spend time in fellowship, food, and fun! We will be going to lunch, the famous Nago Pineapple Park, and then Sesuko-Jima beach to swim around. We want to just hang out, but also spend time with the Lord by studying His Word. Please come out, it would be such a blessing!

Drop Off and Pick Up are at the Casino/Pachinko before the Legion Gate 6 Entrance to Foster. Please try to be there by 9AM sharp, we want to leave on time to get the most out of the day "Up North".

Things you will need to bring:
1. Bible!
2. Money- 3 dollars to give your driver for gas, and any money you need for lunch at San A, and also for snacks, at FamilyMart or something. (Maybe just like $10-$15)
3. Bathing suit- please bring appropriate bathing suits!
4. Towel
5. Open heart

If you have any questions, please call me at (090)6009-0732, or email me at

See you Saturday! 9AM SHARP! Blessings!
- Daniel

Sunday, April 6, 2008

another new website....

well guys....i have finally gotten a myspace...thought it would be best to keep in touch with my youth group through this method...but also peepz back can check out my site at:

alright...i pray that you guys would be blessed this week...please keep in touch and leave me lots of feedback!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Small....but not so small blessings...

I was given a gift today...I was blessed because I needed it, and instead of buying it the Lord provided through this brother. Well I hope that he didnt get it for me because I stink....but he got me some laundry detergent....praise the Lord (no i dont normally...or really ever....stink...) It seems small because it is just an everyday item, but when you dont have any, it seems like true providence! Thank you Lord!

here is the gift!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Esther 4:16 "Gather all the Jews in Shushan, and fast for me."

Today, the Bible College proclaimed a fasting day. It reminds me so much of the book of Esther, where she needed to go before the King, even though she could have been killed by going to him without being called for and invited. So Esther told her maids, Mordecai, and all the Jews to pray for her, to fast and ask God to give her favor.

Well today we are doing the same thing, sort of...We chose this day to fast and pray for our trip to Korea, that God would go before us and prepare our steps as we go and minister to this country and its people. We want to be blessings, so we are asking the Lord to guide us on how to be blessings in a country that we dont know about.

Now we dont pray to bend the arm of God, to make sure He can hear us (because of the great sacrifice of food! lol), but we pray and fast so that we can bless God. We give our time and need for food to the Lord, and give it as an offering, praying that it would be a sweet smelling aroma to Him. I love fasting days, even though my flesh doesn't. It somewhat forces me to notice not just my desires, but God's desires and His will.

So please pray for our trip too! We will be leaving a week from today, April 8th in the morning and then coming back April the 15th. We are going to have a great time ministering to the Korean people, but it will be great to get some kimchi too! mmmm....i fell in love with it last semester! cant wait!