Thursday, February 22, 2007


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Hey excited yo!! This is my first video I made...i think it is pretty sweeto....Praise the Lord, He helped me out big time! Hope ya'll like it. Ill start doing more of deez things soon! Love to you all!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ikei Island

Ahhh this place is so amazingly beautiful...2 years we came to this beach for the 4th of July, to celebrate and swim. Well this time we went a little farther down from the tourist part of the beach, and went to a strictly locals spot. It was really close to the Big Time Resort (which we stopped by last time for pictures), and had some surf out like a mile.

This little coral rock close to the water was crawling with sea anemones, sea urchines, sharp coral, and sweet huge crabs. I was unlucky and lucky, getting to experience both the sharp coral, which gave me a nice cut on my arm, and the sweet crab. I had made a bamboo stick i found close to the water that i sharpened up, and stabbed me a nice crab. Dont worry i didnt do it just to kill it, but it half dead already and its front pincher claws were ripped off before i got to it. I felt like Survivor, straight up! I dont need to watch the show mom, im livin it!

Well the whole group is here!!

SICK PIC!!! This is on the Katsuren Castle that we visited on monday! All of us together!! ahhh how sweet!

Well we went up there to check it out. They have about 10,000 steps up to the was crazy....naa just kidding. But it was a nice workout. The site is from a rich Okinawan King that

lost his castle in the war, but the Japanese now let you tour it for free. Praise the Lord too because it has a great view of Gushikawa city (where i lived last time i was here), Ikei Island, and the Pacific Ocean!

Ministry on Camp Foster

Well this is where I am this month to serve the Lord. On Sunday mornings, Me and two other peepz, Amber and Matt, go to a Marine base called camp Foster (which is really close to home) to help serve in their children's ministry. Literally all the people serving in the kid's ministry never just get a chance to be in service and be refreshed by God's Word, so its good we get to bless them and let them get filled up again!

We stay for two services, the first where we watch mostly nursery kids, except for the pastor's kids. These are dem' kids!

This one reminds me of Jaim!!
She's got a barf bunny too!

Valentine Party on Camp Foster

Sorry this is a little late...but this is from the Valentine Dinner that the Camp Foster church group put on. It was a blessing getting to chill with the families. While the adults played like a Newly Wed/Oldly Wed game, we took the kids and painted faces and did crafts. The first picture is the awesome italian food (lasgna, fettucini alfredo...mmmm) and the right picture is Joe Tipton, Pastor Tom, and Joe's mom, Beth. Those 2 coolios is where we had SuperBowl Monday!

We obviously got carried away with mine, NachooOOooOOo! It was awesome walking around after and everyone laughing at me....i do what i do best....getting laughed at!! haha enjoy!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

My First Day Driving

Well I pulled a Segmon on my first time driving(just kidding ya man!!)...I was backing out of the drive way on my way to Tropical Beach and I didnt have enough room to turn past this PVC pipe. Well obviously I hit it and got yelled at by the next door neighbor for breaking her favorite pipe....nah just kidding again. She was outside when we came back and just kept saying to be careful! Praise the Lord...but i gotta pay for some new pipes. But the rest of my driving was pretty good! Pray that God wouldnt let me hit anything else!!! With new responsibilities come new attacks from the enemy. Again keep praying! I love you guys and thanks!

Reef Walking DAY!!

Today was really good...after we cleaned up our rooms and had lunch, we took down to Tropical Beach for low tide and went reef walking. Obviously we found a crab that bit my face off! nah just kidding. There were so many pictures to choose from this beautiful beach, but this is it! Enjoy.

My Humble Living Quarters

This is my sweeto bedroom. I share a room with Vooder, Michael, and Matt. I got some awesome bed sheets, and they match too! haha jk.... but yeh my bed and dresser are all nice because today we had room checks, so i had to clean up my mess....haha mom i know your laughing. Anyways just showing yah a quick pic! Peace

Bible College has STARTED!

Its a little late...sorry. But yes this is in the Church upstairs in the CCBC classroom. These pictures are of our morning chapel time, where we lead worship, like Matt Gaston is, and then someone gives a 15 minute devotion. It is a great way to start off the day, spending time in devotion and prayer with one another.

Classes are going well so far...but there are so many to study on!! Keep praying that God will give me ample time to finish my homework. Im taking:

Matthew, Genesis, Men's Discpleship, Romans, Chuck Bible Tracks (listening to Chuck Smith messages Genesis-Job and taking tests....alot!!!), Lifestyle Evangelism (a twist with doing Drama), Biblical Preaching, Lectures in Ministry (Messages from different Pastors), and M199 which is practical Christian Ministries. In M199 we are supposed to have a least 8 hours a week of community service or time spent in a church ministry that allows us to serve the Lord. We will go to different churches or schools and lead worship or help out with the children's ministry. It is awesome. Blessings!!

Kakazu Ridge

These pictures are from Kakazu Ridge which is about 5 minutes away from Tom's house. Tom was in "History Teacher" mode, and if you know Tom he loves to talk about war and these significant sites. Its always fun to learn. But this is a major WWII battle site that had taken place as American troops tried to take over this land.

SIDENOTE: If you didnt know, the island of Okinawa, Japan was one of the biggest battle sites in the Pacific that was key to getting onto mainland Japan. Some of the bloodiest battles were fought right here on this land. They say that if you covered the island of Okinawa with tatami mats (which are bamboo shoot floor rectangles) which are about 5ft long by 3 ft wide across, they say that about 8 American bomb shells were dropped per tatami mat across the whole island. That is a huge amount of bombs! The land was leveled by American bombers!!! ANYWAY.....

Here at this site, Japanese troops bunkered down and took out about 22 out of 30 tanks that American troops brought to the hill. They fought hard. But they lost the hill and this is a memorial to the battle.

The picture of the cement house is a family burial place that are not from the battle, but are just all over the island to serve as places of ancestor worship. It is crazy some of the things they do here for the dead!