Friday, March 28, 2008

Ben Hall

Well on a very serious note....

We lost a friend the other day, early on Easter morning. His name was Ben Hall, and he was a 17 year old young man who lost his life in a car accident. I knew him from about a year ago, when I first started helping out with the Foster Youth Group, and he used to come with his sister, Shelby. He was a pretty cool guy and he will be missed by us at B³ Youth Group, but his family also. We have a great faith and hope that we will see him one day when we have our appointment with the Lord, to be with Him for eternity.

This picture is at the memorial service we went to yesterday for Ben, which I was so blessed to attend. The pastor stood up there, and didn't dishonor Ben by making a service that remembered him, but also didn't dishonor the Lord, and he preached the gospel to the people. There were so many kids there from Ben's High School, and the pastor stood and told them the concerns of a life without Christ, and asked them where they would go if they passed away. It was very powerful. Many people were mourning for Ben, but I think also the Lord (Ben too!) would be pleased with the amount of people that made commitments to Jesus Christ in those pews. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. "Sometimes the Lord causes people to fall asleep in order to show others that they need to wake up."

Please pray that God would continue to comfort the Hall family, but also give us in the B³ Youth Group the God given words to encourage Shelby and anyone who needs comfort in the Lord from this situation. God is already doing a great work! Love you all, thank you!

Tsukiyaki Party

This was a great the food was amazing! Well these two ladies....Sachiko(さちこ)and Achiko (あちこ), they come once a semester and bless the Bible College students with an amazing, very authentic Japanese meal...we have had takoyaki, okonomiyaki, but this time, they rocked the tsukiyaki. Oh is pretty much just oil, water, and soy sauce mixed together in a frying pan with a little beef and a lot of vegetables and Japanese noodles (udon). Amazing. The ladies asked me which one was my favorite, since I have been here for all their meals, and hands down it was this meal. And trust me I ate enough for all you back home, you dont have to feel left out!

Kid's Ministry Class

In this class we were learning how to make balloons...and was fun....I always have fun in this class...good times....I just really like this picture too. And no I'm not choking my pink poodle, it is a yeh!

New Videos

Well I had lots of new videos that I have been taking....but I havent been able to get them on this blog....they are too big....if you have some time, I have some pretty funny videos. You can go to my youtube account and watch them if you like! Comments are always wonderful too!

Blessings to ya guys....have fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why so long!

Well has been a long time huh! Here is the quick run down of things that have happened....

1. My computer hard drive took a poopy.....aka....stopped working... I think dust got into it and it scratched it! AHhhHHh!
2. I have been out of a good computer of my own for about 3 weeks now...
3. Momma sent me operating system CDs so I could load it on to computer.
4. FINALLY! Today I received my hard drive in the mail at Tommy's i loaded it all back up and I am back in business!

The only bad thing is that anything and everything that was on that previous hard drive is gone forever :(

But it is ok...because I think that stuff that I do still have, like on my Ipod and my pictures that were mostly on my Flickr page was the gist of the stuff I really needed. God only let me keep what I really need to serve Him. He showed me alot of things these past couple weeks, even though it was very hard relying upon a bunch of people for their computers....But God is Awesome and Mighty and all glory goes to Him! He gave me a clean slate this month....literally!
Praise You Father!

look for more updates sooN!

Love and peace