Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Update 2012

Sorry guys....been a long while....I mostly post things quickly to facebook about everyday stuff and have been doing my monthly newsletters for those back home, but neglecting my blog. Forgive me! Here is my newsletter for all those interested ^^ Hope this finds you well. Keep serving Jesus!

Friday, September 30, 2011

GyeJok Mountain hike

On Saturday we wanted to do something new...there is a pretty good hiking place nearby so we decided to be healthy (as opposed to sleeping in and watching TV). The wife packed a little lunch, strapped on the shoes, did a little stretch and went for it!

The start of the trail...

The plan

YouTube Video

About an hour and a half later we made it to the top. I'm dumb and didnt take a pic of the wall itself, but in this picture we are standing on the wall. It's sweet looking. Maybe next time I'll snap a better pic ;)

Our little picnic ;) Asian pears and a rice ball each.

My wife makes a good tuna rice ball;)

This is the view...we are in front of Sintanjin area (about 15 minutes drive from home...the little town Nayeon is from)...we can even point out her parents apartment buildings ;)

On the way down we stopped by this red clay water pool and soaked out feet. This trail is special because they have a quarter of the path cover led with soft red clay. People walk on it barefoot, to make the soles of their feet healthier with all of it's nutrients and goodness juice (I'm getting this all from broken-English speakers).

We walked up all the way in shoes, but challenged ourselves and went barefoot all the way down on the clay path...it was nice...I joked with Nayeon..."Ohhhhh....Ohhhhh so healthy....ohhhhh!" I'm a jerk lol

We treated ourselves to some sweet red bean popsicles (sounds gross but it's actually good)

This was a really great day. I'm happy to do nice things with my wife and enjoy each other's company. I get to do stuff like this the rest of my life, I'm so blessed :)

Oh and someone on Sunday (at church) heard I went to the barefoot hiking trail and took off my sandals and checked out my feet and said "Oh wow, healthy!" bwahaha ohhh Koreans! So silly...

SOT (School of Tomorrow)

Here is a picture of my kids in my morning classes at school. I get to teach these kids the Word everyday! It's awesome! It's like my own little kids ministry. I pray that these kids grow up loving the Lord and choosing to serve Him with all their heart. Pray for me that I would be a loving teacher and shepherd, not just a hireling. I'm thankful to God for giving me people to disciple :)

Hangin with Eugene

An old buddy that came to our church two years ago when I first came here was in town and made a visit to the Sunday night service. He wanted to catch up so we went out for coffee and chatted it up for a while. He's a Christian, but he's really finding himself lost and not trusting the Lord. He needs true faith in Jesus, and that comes by hearing the Word (Romans 10:17)...amen?! Pray for him please ;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kathleen and Paul's Wedding

Our friends (Kathleen and Paul) had a wedding in Seoul this Saturday...so we drove down there with some people from the church...here's the girls ;)

The boys wanted to get in too!

Really beautiful wedding ;)

My wife Nayeon played piano for all the parts of the wedding ;) it was a blessing to help them out.

I also helped them for the wedding. Gen (our church worship member) and I sang a duet song for ther wedding. I had a lot of dun preparing for it...just hope they were blessed ;) (and you too!)

YouTube Video

Another little video of Nayeon playing ;)

YouTube Video

We have been married for 3 months now...it was funny being on the outside of this wedding ;) getting to see the nervous couple...lol good times

With the bride and groom...they looked great ;)

So happy Nayeon and I could help out and minister to Kat and Paul...we make a pretty good team ;)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Chuseok (Thanksgiving)

After I got back from Hong Kong, we had a big holiday here in Korea. Chuseok is the equivalent to Thanksgiving. It's a great chance for the family to get together and eat some good grub ;)

For our family here in Korea though, it means some hardcore working at Nayeons parent's rice cake store ;( hard work...like her parents are working 24 hours straight (almost)...here is some of the stuff they made

The store...best in town! It really is too...not just saying cuz it's my family's store ;)

They are so popular, this bus driver stooped in front of the store and bought some ;) bwahaaha I was laughing so hard...that's Nayeons brother givin him the goods lol

Here is the set-up for the meal ;) very formal because they bow to their ancestors out of respect

Feast time...oh yeh...this is at 8:30am :/ I can't eat a good amount of food because of the early time, worst part of the holiday ;(

The wife and I...looks like I just woke up huh?!

After we went to a great shopping area...Eunhaeng Dong...just for some window shoppin and a nice walk ;) saw this cool bench next to this river/bridge ;)

Good holiday, not too much rest, but still good!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Special prayer

There is a special prayer need t our church. Lately, Daniel Kim's dad had a heart attack. Its pretty bad because his dad's brain didn't receive any oxygen for more than 30 minutes. So it's causing unconsciousness (not sure the difference between this and comatose). He hasn't woken up for 6 days now. (it could be one month or a year) The most serious thing though (and where you come in) is that Daniel's father isnt a believer.

Please pray for me tomorrow! I will be going to the hospital tomorrow and preaching the gospel to him so that he might receive Christ as his Lord. Now I know he is not awake, but I believe that my God is good and that He will speak His Word to him! We are taking a step of faith, so please help us "prep pray"!

His family is asking first that we might be able to teach him about the Lord and get him saved, and then they are asking for healing. So thanks for being a part of this. I will update you soon!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Family Visa

Finally got my family visa...I am now able to do pretty much anything here in Korea...and legally! Working, buying a car,house, or cell phone...just can't vote ;) I'm really blessed! I got a one year Visa and have to reapply next year. I praise God that He has ordered my steps to be here in Korea, and continues to confirm it through situations such as this :)

I desire to serve and see Korea come closer in relationship with God. There are many people who are Christians, but very shallow in their relationship with Christ. I pray the Lord would use me to help them go deeper and affect their country also ;) be praying please!

Heading Home

Well the conference is finished and it's time to catch our place home!

The Korea Boys ;) Pastor Peter from Cheonan and Pastor Mike and I from Daejeon ;)

Getting on our airplane! To home we go!

They had barely anyone on the flight so we got to stretch out and take the middle rows...I laid down after the meal across the three seats ;) Nice!

So we are back safely now and getting ready for the big Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) Holiday ;) will be working hard at the inlaws rice cake store :/ pray for strength!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last day

Breakfast buffet is so great after a nice prayer meeting ;) oh the nice American style breakfast ;) chowww!

We had a great retreat but it's not over!

The homeboyz ....Kyle, me, Mike, and Zach

Great time of afterglow last night! So great spending time with the Lord in sweet worship and praise

Phil Twente (Missions Pastor from CC Costa Mesa) summarized the 7 sessions and also led us in one more, followed by communion.

Pastor Tommy and Zach jammin some worship for us. Always juicy worship ;)

Here is everyone praisin Jesus ;)

YouTube Video

Wow thanks Lord! Very blessed and full of Your Spirit! God recharged my batteries and gave me some new vision for continuing to serve Him and the church in Korea! May I just be faithful to do and obey!