Friday, August 31, 2007

Pedeheh on Island!!!

oh blessed am I!?!?!? I got to hook up with my great friend and brother in the Lord, Trevor....who is a lover of pedeheh or peroggis. These are like little dough balls filled with mashed potatoes. Great...doesnt sound like much but it has like cheese in the potatoes....oh it is soooo good (Hey grandma we put some dill in too...told him about dilly buns)

But yeh we had a little pedeheh party at his house and tore up the eats! it was so much fun to eat food like this with someone i would never expect to even know what it is. It reminded me too much of home though...really do miss my family and friends...but i know this is where i am to be! Blessing to ya'll, grow in Jesus!

First Couple days

The first couple of days here have been really feels that i haven't left...this is a picture from the first day in school. This is a pic from the 3rd floor building that we have or Bible College classes and church in. The view is not even close to being caught in its full beauty. God made this place so beautifully, amazing Lord!

This is a pic of two of my friends that i really missed while i was gone. Joe "Tippycanoe" Tipton in the orange (a great brotha in the Lord...amazing prayer warrior) and Yoshua in the sweet jimbe (formal Okinawan attire for festivals....oh yeh Yoshua is my close friend, continuing to learn how to play guitar...great bro!)
Good times in Revelations class!

This is the Yates (Brian, Ashley, Jordan, and Denise) Family that i minister with on the Foster Marine Base. They are a great family of 4 that i got to do youth group on Sunday nights last semester, and definitely plan to do it again. This picture was taken at the on base Pass building, where they were able to get all the students visitors passes for 3 months to get into all the cool places on base. This is a huge huge blessing, not even the Ruiz's have these passes! I am very blessed!

Well please continue to pray for me out here...i love you guys, talk to ya soon!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well I am for sure leaving for Okinawa for one more beautiful semester in the lovely country of Japan. I will be continuing my studies of the Word of God, focusing on serving the church in CC Ginowan, and loving on the people of Okinawa. It was a great time last semester, i learned so ready for more.

This time i recruited Sosimo Avila to roll with me....ill get some pics up when i get them....but i leave in a couple of hours! Please pray for the college students and I as we seek the Lord this semester...pray that God would keep us safe in all that we do!