Tuesday, September 11, 2007

River Madness

This is where we got to head to on Saturday. There was this little waterfall and we all jumped off and went crazy...and there was no one that was hurt....dont worry. it was a great time.

People then started to climb up on the side of the walls and go even higher and jump.
Man it was fun. It was a little shallow but again nobody got really hurt, so it was a good day! haha

We had some time to just kick back too and relax... but we also had some time to jump some more and swing off of ropes from trees...i got a video of myself doing so ....take a peek...

Yeh...that was a big splash...good times....there are soooooo many more pictures of the time that we spent here...you can check out the rest of the pictures I have on my flickr account....go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/13116921@N04 and then you can see them all. There is also a link on the left side of my blog...."newly added" that will take you right to my photos. Enjoy!

Driving to the River

There are great green things all over this sweet island....oh yeh they are called plants, and they are everywhere. It is summer here right now but its not like summer in Cali, where everything dies, but its tropical weather where even in the summer it rains an keeps everything fresh and green lush looking. Its awesome.

Flowers are beautiful here, and as we were going to a river up north on Saturday, the guys stuck their arms out the windows and pulled these guys out. Beautiful.

I got a little fun with the flower, as you see here.

Sosi has got some big ears ya'll, check em out here. Message from
Sosi "This is for you Mom." He misses you momma, but he's tough, rarrr... i miss you to momma Kara. You are a blessing to me when im back there.

Well anyway, we got lost going to try to find the river, and had some fun singing songs about the mountains and stuff...good times...heres a video.

Anyways...im going to post some more pictures of the river that we went to in just a little! Stay tuned!


YAY!!! This is a great store. This is like 7eleven back home or like a "Circle K" but with better stuff, except that they dont have Slirppies (sorry Cisco, I know thats they only reason why you wont come back...hehe) They have such good food here, its not like complete junk food like those gas station stops in Cali, it is actually filling and good food. Lets see some!

Mitsuya Cider is like the best drink here on island....mmmm....so tasty...they have other great drinks too like Kachakaden Lemon Tea and also really good strong Green Ocha Tea...

Then there are these balls of delicious madness. Onigiri are these little triangle rice things with things like Miso or salmon or tuna inside of them...so oishii (delicious). You heat them up for a minute and then its all steamy, mmmm

Oh and these are the best things at the FamilyMart. This is Spicy Chicken, ahh its really good. My favorite, and its really filling. mmmm

Alright well now im hungry again...so ill be back after i eat something! bye, God bless, Daniel

Yakiniku time!

Its about that time! This is one of the greatest styles of Japanese cuisine to eat here in Oki. Yaki means grilled or fried and niku means meat. Yakiniku are usually all you can eat places where they have raw meats and all the fixings like vegetables and stuff, and you bring it back to your table. At each table they have little grills, where about 4 people can fit and you through your meat on the grill and you cook it up. It is so delicious.

Here is Pastor Tim and Ayu chowing down on some great veggies. Here they also eating some sweet pork (buta), beef (niku), and chicken (pollo...oh wait that is in spanish). Oh they also serve here already made fillers while your food cooks, like Kim Chee(Korean spicy vegetables...mmmmm) gyoza (dumplings), and spaghetti (not like homemade stuff though). Alright enough about food, im getting hungry again just writing about it. God bless, Daniel

Good Trip Up North

Here is a couple of pictures that we took last Saturday...sorry i wasnt able to load it up until now....it has been a great week of studying and doing ministry. This trip to the famous Nago Pineapple Park was awesome, and it was so awesome because it was free. We walked straight in, and we didn't have to pay, which was a blessing. God blessed us. And yes we chowed down, probably too much though!

Later that night we went out to Mihama and passed out tracts and witnessed to people on the streets. Here is a quick pic at the Jusco parking lot before we got started...I didnt take any pictures outside because it started to rain, and then i forgot to take pictures....so there is my excuse...forgive me...i will get some sweet Mihama photos up soon.

So pretty much it was a good trip up north in Okinawa.