Thursday, December 30, 2010

Benjamin Videos

On Monday I met my family on Skype because that was their Christmas night. At my parents home everyone from my mom's side of the family came over for dinner. That gave me a good chance to see Benjamin and get some good videos! Check em out!

YouTube Video

He's learning to crawl! It's so cute!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

We got a nice family picture! It was cool to have all the family together...including Nayeon and I there in the bottom corner! Now if we just could have had the Prime rib steak that they ate on Christmas day that would have been nice! ;)

Love you guys! Hope you had a great Christmas too!

Calvary Chapel Daejeon Christmas Party

Well we had a Christmas party at the church on Christmas day this year :) I think this is my first time doing that. It was a lot of fun though! ^^ we started with some carols!

YouTube Video

Joy to the World! Jesus our Savior was born! We have salvation and relationship with the Lord because Jesus came as a simple man to die on the cross for our sins! Praise God! We could never get to God without Jesus! :)

YouTube Video

I told everyone to look in this pic...otherwise stitching the photos would blur everything! :/ Everyone having some nice fellowship!

After the worship time, we had our big feast of different Korean foods and pizza! lol it was good though ;)

I didn't get any pictures after this because My camera died! But we had a sweet White Elephant gift exchange (it was their first time experiencing that! ^^ I think they all enjoyed it sooo much!) and then had a bunch of desserts and we pulled out Elf and watched it on the projector! We were able to find Korean subtitles so it was fun for all! ;)

It was a great Christmas with our church family! God bless you guys!

Christmas Eve and Christmas day!

Christmas Eve we had Jinsoo Bible study, teaching through Luke 2, but when we finished, it was time to be with family :)

Nayeon's mom made some great chicken and kimchee jjigae :) everyone was smiling, maybe not looking but smiling nonetheless ^^

Santa came! lol jk We had some gifts sent from my parents in California...such a huge blessing ^^ but it made me miss you even more ;(

Nayeon opening her "Santa" gift :) we took some good pictures so far with it :)

YouTube Video

My mom and dad send me a new coat! ^^ I love it! Nice pea coat ;) I had to model it a little!

Nayeon's gift to me^^ was these really nice beanie and mittens set :) thanks babe!

All in all, a great Christmas! But its not finished, we have a church party tonight! Should be great ^*

Cookin eggs

The other day, I was finally feeling a little better soninwas able to eat some normal food. Nayeon and I went over to Mikes for some scrambled egg brunch!

We found black olives! They don't seem to fit on my fingers as well as I remember they did when I was a kid :/ we put some of that on the eggs too ^^

Nayeon stirring up some sour cream ;)

"Get outta here!" lol almost got Mike...^^ he told me to put this one of him up ;)

Jeena wasn't doing too well either today, so she stayed home...feel better!

Our feast ;) mmm really good. Thanks Mike!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Two nights in a row...I have gone home and crashed! Dead to the world...totally jacked...sweating in my sleep...ugh horrible

But today I finally felt a bit better and I also got to go to the says bronchitis, I have to disagree but whatever... He gave me^^ medicine that works...except my nose bled today for the first time ever... :/

Renewal Opening (lol)

One of the bakeries nearby got revamped lately and here is the finished product! Its funny because just a month before this, Tous les Jours competition Paris Baguette remodeled their joint too! Silly people, just trying to top each other!

Paris Baguette didn't have a stilt clown! lol this guy was creepy...following people...sneaking up on them...give my mother a heart attack he would! :)

Now I know he's crazy! lol They got their speakers blasting so loud!

YouTube Video

I saw signs that said "Grand Opening" and was thinking "it's not a grand opening...that's dumb" but then I saw this! Bwahaha

VIP Wedding Hall

Mike and I were driving by on our way to Jinsoo in Cheongju, but I wanted to show you the place I will get married at. Here is the building! On May 28th Nayeon and I will get married there :)

YouTube Video

Outreach tools

We have someone who has been coming to our church for maybe one month, Anna, and she decided she would make us something...these little baggies filled with our church flyer or tract and also a chapstick with our church info sticker on it! So cool huh?!

Koreans have some very interesting ideas for advertising, such as wet wipe packs with your info, pens, bookmarks, tissue packs, but I never thought about some lip balm before! We were really blessed that she just came up with it on her own. Praise God for people finding interesting ways to serve our God!


Nayeon and I were blessed to get a letter from Christina Duran in Osaka...that was nice... ^^ in Japanese it says Merry's crazy but I can still read a bit!

Thanks Christina! God bless you! Maybe we will see you at the wedding!

Advertising :/

This is what happens when you leave your car out on the street at night for 2 hours :/ seriously like 15 business cards and flyers...what's worse is that they don't care if you throw it on the ground because that's what they do...just throw them all over the ground :( not a good thing about Korea


Now this is the spiciest food I have eaten in Korea...oh man but is it good! It's literally translated "octopus roasting" which some cut up octopus and veggies...they even put a bit of noodles in there...but it is so spicy. Can you say heart burn?!

But this is a must eat if you visit Daejeon! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Apartment hunting

No pictures today folks, sorry! But today Nayeon and I went looking at an apartment we are interested in getting. We have been thinking about it for some time, and we have gone to ask about it, but they wouldn't tour us because they thought we werent serious in buying. But today we finally got a tour of two places inside the building. One of them we are really hoping we can get, but it's out of our range.

Please pray for God's leading and also provision for our future home as a married couple. We are excited to see what God will do!

Wedding Photos

We went to this place to check out wedding photos and ended up using them for our wedding planner! lol This place...ILIN is gonna do everything for us, finding a wedding dress, tux, makeup, hair, wedding photos, not to mention everything at the wedding hall. It was awesome...we did most of the reserving in just one day!

In our package we will get this frame for our house! It's really nice...I haven't seen photos like this in America...really beautiful...very professional :)

This might be Nayeons dress!

I don't know I'm not sold on it...but whatever makes her happy! We'll see what happens!

Wedding Hall hunting!

After church on Sunday, Nayeon's mom, Nayeon and I went looking for where we will get married! It was fun, but exhausting!

This is the first place we went's interesting but has this Arabian kinda theme to it...

YouTube Video

We didn't end of choosing this place...which makes me feel good because I would have regretted it I think. But all the wedding halls have this Korean room for doing the traditional Korean tea pouring and everything so I decided to put it up :)

YouTube Video

Now we went to another place, which is like the best in Daejeon, but they required at least 250 people...we can't do it because I'll be lucky if a handful of my friends and family come to the wedding in then emwe went to a third place called VIP Wedding Hall.

We actually reserved this place! They had our date and we really liked the sanctuary and services they provide so we signed! It's not the best vid but check out our wedding hall.

YouTube Video

We paid a little deposit and then they said that we can come again next week to have the buffet that everyone will have on the wedding day. Sampling for free! I love it!

Praise God we found something in our area, not too expensive and with our day! We will get married on May 28th, 2011 at 1pm. Amen!

Early Christmas gifts

My mom and dad blessed me and Nayeon with an awesome care package! We each opened one early because we had an itch for presents! and they are good!

YouTube Video

She is in chocolate/pretzel/peppermint HEAVEN! lol thanks guys! We love you so much!

English class game...

Mike and I had our English class at the orphanage on Saturday with the girls. It's always interesting! Today though we brought a new game for them to learn! YAHTZEE! who doesn't love yahtzee! Well some of these girls didn't because it took a really long time because there were so many people...

We had 8 people playing in one game! Geez! Too many if you know how slow yahtzee can get :/ but we had a good time.

The girl who is yelling at the girl is our infamous "Windy" ^* it's not Wendy, but that's how she says it...she's corrected me many times! :/ ^^ if you know Windy, she likes to yell at the kids in her spare time, it's like a hobby for jk we love her, and she loves the kids, just she has a very strong personality :)

YouTube Video

Good times with our English students...we were actually saying goodbye to Windy because she is moving out next month before we come back to teach again! Bye Windy! we had some great times! ;)

My two favorite girls

These are the loves of my life. That sounds corny but I just don't care :) I love 'em!

I got to meet my parents and Nayeon on Skypes long awaited multiple person video conferencing sweet! My parents 9,000 miles away, my fiancé only 10 miles ...makes us only inches away from each other

See Nayeon even gave her a kiss on skype! No other program can do that! lol ^^

We miss you Mom, Dad, Jamie, Gabe, Ben! MUAH!

Jeena's Haba school

Pastor Mike had to drop off something at His daughter Jeena's that was an interesting drive! We were sliding, but cars were drivin really slow... :/

Some good snow

Well it snowed again!

YouTube Video

On my walk I saw lots of good snow coverage!

At the church...

YouTube Video

Let's check out that car...go for a walk with me ^^

YouTube Video

Free Navigation

Nayeon and I got blessed with a new car's really good! Everyone in Korea has one because everything is difficult to find, so this is helpful. Praise God! We would borrow one from Nayeon's friend when we needed one,but now we have a great one.

The only problem I have is the name of it... :/ lol it's funny because Nayeon knows Korean (obviously! ^^) but she can't work it ...even her dad was playing with it before and couldn't use it...I love that I am good at technology despite a language barrier! bwahaha;)

Guitar class

Got a vid of my students this week...I'm so proud of's hard to teach strums so we did basic down strums for's also a bit difficult for them because they are learning a song in English...they did wonderful! Sorry I didn't know I was too loud in the video...enjoy!

We got (from left to right) Pastor Smiley, Tom, Elizabeth, and Boris jammin today! :)

YouTube Video