Thursday, September 30, 2010

500th BLOG!

Wow a lot has happened in 500 blog posts...its been almost 4 years! I started this blog when I went to Okinawa Bible College in January 2007, and I have been going to many different places, following God's calling on my life as a missionary, but more importantly, a Christian and disciple of Jesus. I pray that you guys have been blessed by my opportunity to serve God in many different places, or even you in some way. I hope you will continue to pray for me and my relationship with God, that I would stay strong, seeking Jesus, and teaching more and more people about His love. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6 Love you guys. Stay strong, look for and forward His coming!

Chuseok (Thanksgiving) at Nayeon's

Well the biggest holiday of the year for Korea (maybe New Years is about the same) is Chuseok (said like Chew-suck), which is like Thanksgiving. It is to celebrate the Harvest season, but in this time, they normally formally invite their dead ancestors to come and be with them. Many Christians here in Korea do not perform the ceremony, but just have a nice meal with family.

Nayeon's family is not Christian (yet ^^....keep praying) and it is actually Nayeon's father's responsibility as the first son to carry on the tradition, and later, Nayeon's brother. It's interesting, because Nayeon's brother, Byung-Min, just accepted the Lord about 2 weeks ago! Praise God. Pray for him, please please please.

But here is the setup for a normal bowing ceremony. You cant see it, but below the fruit, there is a small table for incense and pouring the traditional Korean liquor. They dont drink it, but fill the cups, set them at the back, and then empty them and refill them for each son that is carrying on the family name. So, they fill and empty, each son, very I think nobody in this family likes to do this, but just tradition keeps them doing it. Nayeon was telling me they almost canceled it, because they dont really care too much, but just want to get together with family. Maybe one year, we could skip this because of our mutual faith in Jesus, and fellowship together and have a nice meal. God you are in control!
here are some of the women preparing the food...oh....i forgot to is about 8 in the morning! Thanksgiving in America is normally about 3 or 4pm, but I had a full Thanksgiving meal at 8AM....ugh....difficult to eat that much so early, when i had just woken up too!

You can see the final bow...Nayeon's father in the middle, uncles on the sides of him, and Nayeon brother and cousin in the back....

During the meal I decided to give Nayeon's family their Hong Kong in Nayeon's mom and Nayeon....beautiful girls huh?! Her mom is holding the Hong Kong chocolates I gave them. I also gave them some dried mangos and some CC Lemon from Japan (Pastor Tommy hooked me up while in Hong Kong ^^ Thanks!)
Hong Kong chocolate coins....and some of the site you can see in Hong Kong...
Later that day we went towards Nayeon's grandpa's brothers house. We got to have another good meal, and some time to go fishing in the little creek that they had running next to their house. Little fish, but still fun to watch! Check it out!

Here is Nayeon....^^ yes it is getting cold now! The season has finally changed to fall, and you can definitely feel happy i brought my jacket that weekend.

It was good I got to be with Nayeon's family all week, helping them with their rice cake business and spending lots of quality time with her brother and parents. I praise God that her family is showing me more care and love, because it makes me feel comfortable here in Korea. It definitely is home, having Nayeon's family, Mike and his family, and the church family here. Thanks God for a great place to live!

Hong Kong Pictures....

Here are some pictures and videos of my time in Hong Kong. Again, I went for a conference and a little "R&R". It was a blessing of a conference....I feel really refreshed from just listening to God's Word in each session, just spending more time with Jesus.

Here is a picture of Phil Twente, missions pastor of Calvary Costa Mesa....he is a great brother in the Lord, it was a blessing to meet him and hang out a bit. He has a Korean wife, just interesting...^^ It was funny how he was speaking some Korean greetings meeting some of the Calvary Cheonan (about an hour north of our church in Daejeon) people like Pastor Peter and Caleb...^^
I got to lead worship all week alongside of Pastor Tommy from Okinawa, Japan. It was a blessing! Pastor Tommy was not in yet from the airport, so I led by myself for this set. We got to lead for each session, an afterglow service, and every morning early for prayer time.
Everyone hanging out at a noodle joint...really good food! left to right...Hannah Ruiz, Tommy Ruiz, me, Mike Loudermilk (my pastor I serve under here in Korea)...good fellowship ^^
We took the Star Ferry across the harbor to go see the night skyline. IT WAS COOL! You havent been to Hong Kong if you havent been on the Star Ferry!

Anyways....really great time meeting a lot of cool Christians that are all over Asia. About 15 countries were represented this year....sooo cool! I met a lot of people who I can't put pictures of because they are in places where they should not be giving the Word of God. Pray for their safety, Pastors, bible smugglers, etc. God bless them, keep them, help them as they teach your children in those closed countries. Amen!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hong Kong Conference

Hey there guys! Just a quick prayer request! I'm in Hong Kong for the Calvary Chapel Asia Conference. Just hoping you will help support me in prayers. I am helping Pastor Tommy from Okinawa lead worship for the different sessions. Also pray for Pastor Mike (who I serve under in Korea) who will teach the Word this week. Pray that we are refreshed and filled with God's Spirit to go back to Korea ready to rock for God's glory!

We are staying in a hotel called the CityView with people all over Asia attending. We are at the "Yau Ma Tei" marker, and yesterday we crossed over by boat to Hong Kong Island to see all the cool buildings in the picture below.