Sunday, September 11, 2011

Special prayer

There is a special prayer need t our church. Lately, Daniel Kim's dad had a heart attack. Its pretty bad because his dad's brain didn't receive any oxygen for more than 30 minutes. So it's causing unconsciousness (not sure the difference between this and comatose). He hasn't woken up for 6 days now. (it could be one month or a year) The most serious thing though (and where you come in) is that Daniel's father isnt a believer.

Please pray for me tomorrow! I will be going to the hospital tomorrow and preaching the gospel to him so that he might receive Christ as his Lord. Now I know he is not awake, but I believe that my God is good and that He will speak His Word to him! We are taking a step of faith, so please help us "prep pray"!

His family is asking first that we might be able to teach him about the Lord and get him saved, and then they are asking for healing. So thanks for being a part of this. I will update you soon!

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